A politician of “family values” once spat in the mouth of his mistress. Now he is a candidate for the Senate!

Not even three years ago, Republican Eric Greitens “family values” resigned as governor of Missouri after being accused of sexual misconduct and blackmail. But apparently he thinks enough time has passed to be able to stage a political comeback.

A quick story: In 2018, Greitens was charged with first-degree invasion of privacy after his former hairdresser-turned-mistress accused him of tying her to a chair in a basement, spitting her into the bathroom. mouth, ripping her shirt off, taking a picture of her, forcing her to give him a blowjob, then trying to blackmail her into being quiet.

The Greens admitted the case, but denied that anything violent or non-consensual had happened, calling it “a consenting relationship lasting several months between two adults”. In his resignation letter, he cited a long list of reasons for resigning, including:

Millions of dollars in growing legal bills, endless personal attacks designed to cause maximum harm to family and friends. Legal harassment of colleagues, friends and activists and it is clear that for the forces opposing us there is no end in sight. I cannot allow these forces to continue to cause pain and hardship for the people I love.

After avoiding the spotlight for the past three years, the Greens are returning to the political scene. This week, he announced his intention to run for the Senate next year.

The 46-year-old made the announcement on Fox News, spouting all manner of racially-coded far-right talking points during his first campaign speech.

“I have been honored to serve the people of Missouri as governor,” he said. “We took the establishment, we killed a raise in politicians, we ended a corrupt tax credit program. And when the antifa came to Missouri, we stood side by side with the police and we were able to restore law and order and defeat the antifa.

He also called himself a “fighter” and vowed to continue to “defend the America First policy of President Trump and also to protect the people of Missouri from Joe Biden’s radical and leftist agenda, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ”.

Once considered a rising star in the Republican Party, the Greitens are hoping to replace Sen. Roy Blunt, who recently announced he would not stand for re-election in 2022.

He also made the announcement on Twitter yesterday, writing, “I am proud to stand for the great state of Missouri in the US Senate. We NEED American Patriots to fight alongside us every step of the way. Join us in STOPPING the liberal takeover of our freedoms.

I am proud to stand for the great state of Missouri in the United States Senate.

We NEED American Patriots to fight alongside us every step of the way.

Join us in stopping the liberal takeover of our freedoms:

– Eric Greitens (@EricGreitens) March 22, 2021

Unfortunately for him, the big announcement was not met with much, shall we say, positive enthusiasm …

it would be a shame if your photo was the best response to this tweet

– ethan gaskill, he / him (@ ethangaskill1) March 22, 2021

You may remember Eric Greitens from a blackmail scandal where his barber testified under oath that he forced her to have oral sex and took pictures of her naked and blindfolded for use them as blackmail if she ever told someone what he was doing.

Good luck with the countryside, shit.

– Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) March 23, 2021

Technically, the Greitens just had a sexual basement.

– The Doubtful Guest (@InsideATureen) March 23, 2021

Remind us, why did you resign as MO. Governor?

– Alf (@ GordonShumway66) March 23, 2021

Aren’t you the guy who tied up and blindfolded a woman, made her give you a BJ and then blackmailed her?

– SueZQ82CubFan (@ SueZq82cubfan) March 23, 2021

– Heather Taff Friganza (@HeatherFriganza) March 22, 2021

The sex offender wants more freedom …
do what, exactly?

– Harlow (@AngryInAGoodWay) March 23, 2021

Let’s be honest. She cannot be trusted for ANY position that involves being close to women.

– Zachary Starbuck (@ ZacharyStarbuc1) March 22, 2021

I hope you will make denouncing the “culture of cancellation” a central part of your campaign.

Everyone can therefore come back to the reasons why you resigned your governorship.

– Doktor Zoom (@DoktorZoom) March 23, 2021

Wait, aren’t you that pervert with the camera?

– BeachBubbaTex (@BeachBubbaTex) March 22, 2021

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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