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Amy Adams
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Age: 46 years old
Height: 163 cm
Born in: Vicenza, Italy
Born on: 08/20/1974


Amy Lou Adams was born on August 20, 1974 in Vicenza, Italy. His father, in fact, was a soldier stationed in the US military base in the Veneto. She lived up to nine years old Aviano, then the family returned to the USA and settled in Castle Rock, in Colorado.
In high school she starts singing in the school choir and attending dance classes, cultivating the dream of becoming a ballet dancer: at the end of school, however, she realizes that that discipline (in every sense) is not for her, who had been diagnosed with a syndrome from attention deficit and hyperactivity, and dedicates himself to theater, especially music.
While she works in shops like Gap or fast food like Hooters to support herself, she starts acting professionally, and in 1995 she is noticed by a theater director in Minneapolis who convinces her to move to the Minnesota. It was there that, away from the stage due to a minor injury, she participates in auditions for the film Beautiful to die for, thus obtaining in the 1999 his first film role.
Amy yes then moved to Los Angeles and began alternating small roles in TV series such as That ’70 Show, Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and in movies not exactly as memorable as Cruel Intentions 2.
Already in 2002However, her first role of some importance arrives: that of Brenda Strong, the nurse with whom Leonardo DiCaprio falls in love in the Try Catch Me by Steven Spielberg. The film however does not launch his career as Adams he had hoped and Spielberg predicted: not immediately, at least.
After Try to Catch Me, the actress is unemployed for about a year, before getting a part in the TV series Dr. Vegas.
It will be in 2005, when he plays one of the most beautiful American Indies of the 2000s, Junebug, that things will really start to change: also thanks to one Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
In 2007 her big eyes, her voice and her candor help her get the lead role in Disney’s As if by magic (for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe), and in the same year she is directed by Mike Nichols neither Charlie Wilson’s War, scripted by Aaron Sorkin and with the cast also Philip Seymour Hoffman: with the actor Adams will also recite in 2008 playing a young nun ne The doubt, a part that earned her the second Oscar nomination and the Globes.
In 2009 is alongside Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia, while in the 2010 comes a third Oscar nomination thanks to The Fighter by David O. Russell, who will want it back with him in the 2013 for American Hustle.
After reciting it The Muppets and in On the Road, the Adams gets one new nomination for the Oscars and Globes thanks to the role of Lancaster Dodd’s companion (again Seymour Hoffman) in The Master of PT Anderson.
She was then the daughter of Clint Eastwood in Back in the Game, the Lois Lane de The man of Steel of Zack Snyder (character who will reprise in Batman v Superman is The Justice League) and the painter Margaret Keane in Big Eyes of Tim Burton, a role that earned her other awards and other nominations.

Nocturnal Animals

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