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Anne Hathaway
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Age: 38 years old
Height: 173 cm
Born in: New York, United States
Born on: 12/11/1982


Anne Hathaway, born Anne Jacqueline Hathaway, is born November 12, 1982 in New York. The passion for the world of entertainment is transmitted to her by her mother. At the age of six, in fact, seeing her perform in the musical “Les Misérables” in the role of “Fantine”, Hathaway is so fascinated by the stage that she wants to follow in his footsteps; but her parents are against letting her pursue an acting career. After graduating from Millburn High School, where she participates in many performances including the musical Once Upon a Mattress, she appears in other shows such as Jane Eyre and Gigi. In 1993, she began studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and became the first teenager admitted to the Barrow Group in New York, where she studied acting.

In 1999, she performed as first soprano at Carnegie Hall with the choir of the All Eastern US High School Honors and, in the same year, she was part of the cast of the TV series Get Real in which, thanks to the role of Meghan Green, she makes herself known to the general public and gets the nomination for the Young Artist Award. After the debut on the small screen, comes the first film role thanks to the Disney comedy Pretty Princess (2001), followed by the sequel Prince Charming looking for himself (2004). Also in 2004, she was chosen as the protagonist for the fairy tale Ella Enchanted – The magical world of Ella, in which he demonstrates his important singing skills.

But it is between 2005 and 2008 that Hathaway makes the real transition to adult and more successful roles. After Havoc – Out of control (2005), where she plays an upper-class girl who begins to hang out with dangerous friendships, e Brokeback Mountain Secrets (2005), in which she plays a more mature role playing the wife of a cowboy who hides her homosexuality, comes the success that makes her really famous on the big screen: The devil wears Prada (2006), alongside a diva of the caliber of Meryl Streep. In 2007, having closed relations with Walt Disney, he stars in the biopic Becoming Jane – The portrait of a woman against playing the role of the English writer engaged in a troubled love story, while, the following year, she is in the cast of the hilarious comedy Smart Agent – Total Casino (2008), which sees her play a secret agent who mimics the legendary James Bond.

Also in 2008, the now famous Hathaway presented itself at the 65th Venice International Film Festival with the film Rachel is about to get married, whose interpretation of Kym, a former model with drug problems, earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. After becoming the testimonial of the French brand Lancome, Anne returns to the cinema in 2009 with the romantic comedy of Gary Winick Bride Wars – My best enemy, alongside Kate Hudson. The following year she is the White Queen in the film Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, a role that will resume also in 2016 in the sequel Alice through the looking glass.

Six years after the film The Secrets of Brokeback Mountain, Hathaway is again next to Jake Gyllenhaal in dramatic comedy Love & other remedies, in which she plays a woman with Parkinson’s who meets the love of her life. The following year comes yet another important role: it is in fact chosen by Christopher Nolan to play the seductive Catwoman Selina in the film The Dark Knight – The Return (2012), third episode of the successful saga that sees her acting alongside Christian Bale. Still in the same year, she is Fantine in the blockbuster of Tom Hooper Les Misérables, film adaptation of the Broadway musical that won her the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

Two years later, in 2014, Nolan chooses her again for the sci-fi film Interstellar in which she plays Amelia, an explorer forced to travel into space to try to secure a future for humanity. In 2015, however, he returns to entertain the public thanks to the leading role in the comedy The unexpected intern, alongside the “senior intern” Robert De Niro. In 2018 the actress is in the cast of the sequel and spin-off of the Ocean’s trilogy, Ocean’s 8, in which, together with Sandra Bullock is Cate Blanchett, is an integral part of an all-female group that carries out a virtually impossible robbery at the Met Gala in New York. The following year, however, we see her in the cast of the film Serenity (2019), thriller written and directed by Steven Knight in which she plays the role of a woman struggling with an abusive husband.


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