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Antonio Banderas
Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Contact & Informations

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Age: 60 years
Height: 174 cm
Born in: Malaga, Spain
Born on: 10/08/1960


José Antonio Domínguez Bandera, known as Antonio Banderas, he was born the August 10, 1960 in Málaga, in southern Spain. Little Antonio’s childhood dream was to become a professional footballer, but he shattered at the age of 14 when he broke his foot. He subsequently oriented his interest towards acting, his passion since school, and began to participate in various theater groups and then studied dramatic arts at the ARA Theater-School of Ángeles Rubio-Argüelles y Alessandri and at the College of Rum raisin. He then moved to Madrid to support himself as a model and waiter, but in the meantime he performed in the theater and on the street, getting a seat at the Spanish National Theater.

The big break for Banderas came in 1982, when he was noticed by Pedro Almodóvar, which gives him a minor role in the comedy Labyrinth of passions. After this very important debut, a period of turmoil begins for the actor, in which he tries more and more to emerge. However, Almodóvar remains the filmmaker who, most of all, focuses on this young dark-haired man with a penetrating gaze and entrusts him with an important role in the thriller Matador (1986). Later we find it again in it The law of desire (1987) as the antagonist and in Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown (1988), both directed by Almodóvar; it is with this last film that he finally reaches a first notoriety.

The nineties consecrate him to international success, in fact, after the performance as a protagonist, the mentally unstable Ricky – who earned him the Goya Prize nomination – in Tie me up! (1990), the glittering doors of Hollywood open for Banderas. Antonio thus finds himself in the cast of The house of the spirits (1993), which sees in the front row Jeremy Irons is Meryl Streep. Later he takes part in two other films of great importance: Philadelphia (1993) and Interview with the vampire (1994). The first notable role on TV is that of Benito Mussolini in the miniseries The young Mussolini (1993), however the actor will devote very little to TV during his life.

In 1995 Robert Rodriguez he wants him to star in the thriller Desperado is Richard Donner instead, he joins him with a Sylvester Stallone in Assassins. The relevant interpretations continue, but in recent years Banderas also receives the first awards for his talent, such as the Golden Globe nomination for Avoid (1996) of Alan Parker, and Hollywood definitely consecrates it with The mask of Zorro (1998), where he plays the masked executioner, a role he will also cover in the sequel The Legend of Zorro (2005). In 1999 Banderas made his directorial debut with Crazy in Alabama, comedy-drama with Melanie Griffith set in 1965, and in the same year participates in the The 13th warrior.

The 2000s opened with the religious-themed thriller The Body (2001) and then follow with the beginning of the fantasy saga Spy Kids (2001) inaugurated by Rodriguez’s direction. He then recites next to Angelina Jolie in Original Sin (2001), remake of My Drug Is Called Julie, and alongside Rebecca Romijn in Femme Fatale (2002) of Brian De Palma. During these years the Hispanic actor is very busy on the sets of Frida (2002), Ballistic (2002), Images – Imagining Argentina (2002) and Once upon a time in Mexico (2003), sequel to Desperado, while in 2005 his name entered the Walk of Fame. He does not give up directing and in 2006 he shoots El camino de los ingleses (2006), winner of the Europa Cinemas Label at the 2007 Berlinale.

Despite a few setbacks, Banderas’ career never suffers sinks. In 2011 he returned to be directed by Almodóvar in The skin I live in (2011), presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival, is the story of a plastic surgeon who wants to take revenge on his daughter’s rapist. Robert Rodriguez is also a milestone in his career and punctually wants him in his most successful works, such as Machete Kills (2013), exploitation film starring Danny Trejo.

The action movie follows Knockout – Showdown (2011) of Steven Soderbergh, the adventure film The Mercenaries 3 and the sci-fi thriller Automata (2014). In 2015 he was directed by Terrence Malick in sentimental drama Knight of Cups and later interprets the singing teacher ne The music of silence (2017), biopic on Andrea Bocelli. After years he returns to TV with the second season of the anthological series Genius (2018) to take on the role of Pablo Picasso from his youth to fame parallel to the rise of fascism. In 2019 he returns to the front of Almodóvar’s camera as the protagonist of Pain and Glory, a drama film presented in competition at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival that traces the life of a director now in decline.

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