Australian parliament in turmoil after gay employee sex tape leaked

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An Australian Member of Parliament has called for a police investigation into the release of a video of a former Member of Parliament engaging in sex acts on government property.

The story began last week, when a staff member named Nathan Winn lost his job following the leaked footage of his former friend and sometimes boyfriend Gavin Cuddy. The video in question shows Winn giving a blowjob to a man in the Houses of Parliament and masturbating on an MP’s desk. Cuddy also hinted that he had other sex tape-type videos of other staff members, which he also threatened to post.

For Liberal MP Warren Entsch, the release of Winn’s video should have sparked a full investigation into Cuddy.

“Let’s be clear: this is revenge porn,” Entsch told the Sunday Morning Herald. “Any material provided to the government must be forwarded to Australian Federal Police for investigation.”

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Entsch also defended Winn’s privacy – but not his actions – arguing that posting the images was a serious mistake on Cuddy’s part. Although Cuddy says he gave the sex tape to reporters to expose the hidden events of Parliament, Entsch pointed out that Cuddy only did so after Winn got engaged to her current fiance.

“Nathan practically stopped him and this character has now decided to take revenge,” Entsch said of Cuddy’s actions, again hinting that the tape’s release was motivated by revenge, not denunciation of Corruption.

Cuddy insisted to reporters that her exit from the tape had nothing to do with Winn’s engagement. Regardless, Cuddy now faces charges of disclosing intimate images without consent and could face up to three years in prison. Under Australian law, this constitutes an unlawful breach of privacy.

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