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Beryl Bainbridge
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Born in: LIVERPOOL, Merseyside (Great Britain)
Born on: 21/11/1934
Dies at: LONDON (Great Britain)
He dies on: 02/07/2010


Writer. He was born in Liverpool but spent the first years of his life in the small town of Formby. From an early age she had a great passion for writing and enrolled in the Merchant Taylors ‘Girls’ School from which she was expelled at 14 due to a love note written to her by a classmate. In the same 1947 he falls in love with a German prisoner of war waiting to be repatriated and in the following six years entertains a close correspondence with him, trying to obtain the necessary permits to make him return to Great Britain to be able to marry him. In 1953, however, she broke off all relations with him after meeting the artist Austin Davies, with whom she married the following year. Their love is destined not to last and after a few years Beryl finds herself alone with two children. She later has a relationship with the writer Alan Sharp with whom she has a daughter, the future actress Rudi Davies. Her love stories are all so dramatic and troubled that they pushed her to attempt suicide with gas in 1958. After making her debut in the TV movie “Rookery Nook” (1953) by Ben Travers, she attempted an acting career and in 1961 appeared in a couple of episodes of the soap opera “Coronation Street”. In those same years she began to write, based on her past and on what had happened to her especially in childhood but her first stories, acclaimed by critics, did not enthuse readers. In 1980 her novel “Sweet William”, written five years earlier, found its way to the screen in “An Adorable Rogue” and director Claude Whatham asked her to write the screenplay for the film starring Sam Waterston. Two more of his novels arrive in the cinema: “The Dressmaker” becomes “The Dressmaker”, directed by Jim O’Brien, while in 1995 the director Mike Newell chooses “An Awfully Big Adventure” for his “A terribly complicated adventure”, which stars Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. In the nineties, he abandoned the cinematographic adventure to devote himself to historical novels and theatrical criticism. He died of cancer at the age of 77 in the British capital.

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