Caitlyn Jenner has largely released her first campaign ad

Newly announced California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner has made her campaign official with a new video ad… in which her name is misspelled.

The video positions Jenner as an anti-COVID-19 precaution candidate, criticizing sitting Governor Gavin Newsom for demanding masks and social distancing during the pandemic. She also attacks Newsom for ill-defined “insider policies”.

The press release that came out with the video, however, misspelled Jenner’s name as “Cailyn,” USA Today reports.

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why are we not surprised?

The video – and its misspelled presser – comes after Jenner’s candidacy has already faced severe public criticism. Over the weekend, Jenner said transgender athletes should not be allowed to participate in school sports, apparently approving a number of discriminatory laws passed by states such as Idaho and Arkansas. Her family have also apparently advised her against running, fearing she would embarrass themselves in Newsom’s proposed recall this fall.

We can’t help but notice that the new campaign video opens with Ms. Jenner snooping around in her closet, picking up her 1976 Olympics gold medal. It’s almost like a visual metaphor for her research in his life… for his dignity.

Watch the video and consider yourself savvy.

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