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Candice Bergen
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Age: 74 years old
Height: 171 cm
Born in: Los Angeles, United States
Born on: 09/05/1946


Candice Bergen, born in Los Angeles on May 9, 1946, is the daughter of art: the father, Edgar Bergen, was a famous ventriloquist and radio host, but he also tried his hand at cinema, often covering cameos in which he played himself; the mother, Frances Bergeninstead, she was a model and actress. Candice is of Swedish origin, her original surname was in fact “Berggren”, but it has been anglicized to “Bergen” for easier pronunciation. During childhood she appears several times on her father’s radio program, which allows her to emerge, but also to be identified as “Charlie McCarthy’s little sister”, the puppet used by Edgar during the ventriloquy shows. After attending well-known schools, such as the Cathedral School in Washington or the Montesano School in Switzerland, Candice enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, where she was elected Homecoming Queen and Miss University, but dropped out of school for too low a grade point average. Education. At that time she worked as a model for the Ford agency and the profits made by the fashion world allow her to buy the equipment to expand one of her great passions, photography, which Candice hopes will become a real profession.

In 1966 he made his film debut with The group of Sidney Lumet, the drama that touches controversial themes at the time, such as lesbianism, abortion, free love and others. Bergen plays the lead, Lakey, a college student who struggles with the harsh mentality of the time to assert her sexuality. From this moment on, the actress decides to attempt an acting career and new roles soon arrive, such as that of a young teacher in the Oscar nominee. Those of the “San Pablo” (1966). This performance, in which alongside Steve McQueen, earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Debut Actress. 1967 is the year of Live to live – French film nominated by the Academy as Best Foreign Film – and its TV debut with participation in an episode of the series Coronet Blue.

Several other interpretations follow, with which Bergen stands out within the vast cinematic panorama of the seventies; among these certainly stand out several leading roles. She is the blonde student the character of Elliot Gould entertains a relationship ne The impossibility of being normal (1970) and is the only survivor along with Peter Strauss of an Indian attack in Colorado in Blue soldier (1970). The following year she was on the big screen three times: first she was contested by Jack Nicholson is Art Garfunkel in Carnal knowledge (1971), then acts alongside Oliver Reed is Gene Hackman neither The day of the long guns (1971) and, finally, is a young woman who has recently moved to Chicago, around which the story of Date a girl who feels lonely (1971). Some adventure films follow, such as The wind and the lion (1975) and Grit your teeth and go! (1975). Her fame, now international, also reaches Italy, when she is hired for The end of the world in our usual bed on a rainy night (1978), in which he supports Giancarlo Giannini. Bergen concludes this decade of success with an Oscar (and Golden Globe) nomination for Best Supporting Actress in And now: full stop (1979).

The 1980s also look promising, starting with the drama, directed by George Cukor, Rich and famous (1980), the director’s last work, before his death. In 1982 Richard Attenborough he wants her in the biopic Gandhi in the role of photographer Margaret Bourke-White, a performance that earned her the calendering at the BAFTA Awards. The eighties are also the decade in which the Swedish-born actress begins to become more familiar with the small screen, in fact her participation as a protagonist in the show dates back to this period. Mayflower Madam’s rendezvous house (1987). Her most prominent interpretation on TV during these years remains, however, that of the television journalist in Murphy Brown (1988), ten-season sitcom that earned Bergen multiple Golden Globe nominations, winning the award in 1989 and 1992, and winning five Emmy Awards. He will reprise the role in the revival of the series, which aired in 2018, twenty years after the first season aired.

The nineties see her mainly involved in Murphy Brown and she will return to the cinema in 2000 with Miss Detective, comedy starring Sandra Bullock. In 2002 he plays the role of antagonist for the first time. Other comedies follow such as A stewardess in the clouds (2003), Sex and The City (2008) and Brid Wars – My best enemy (2009), but they are mostly secondary parts. It is on TV that she is entrusted with a new character of great importance, that of Shirley Schmidt in the five seasons of the series Boston Legal (2005). In the following years, Bergen devoted herself mainly to comedies, a genre that has always marked her career: she is the grandmother in the bizarre Mitchler family in Christmas with yours (2014) and the mother of Reese Whiterspoon in 40 are the new 20 (2017). Back as protagonist, together with Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda is Mary Steenburgen, in Book Club – Anything can happen (2018), featuring aging Judge Meyers, eager to spice up her love life with some new online acquaintance.

Book Club

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