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Chiara Francini
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Age: 41 years old
Height: 166 cm
Born in: Florence, Italy
Born on: 20/12/1979


Chiara Francini is born in Florence on December 20, 1979, but she grew up in Campi Bisenzio, a province of the Tuscan capital. In any case, he returned to Florence for academic studies, graduating in literature with 110 cum laude; later he studied acting at the Teatro della Limonaia in Sesto Fiorentino, under the direction of Barbara Native. It is here that he takes his first steps on the stage, performing between Florence and Rome with the staging of “Noccioline” and “Faccia da comico”. She is soon noticed by Marco Giusti, thanks to which he enters TV, first as a regular guest of his programs, BlaBlaBla (2005) and Stracult (2005), then with small roles in the show Radio Sex (2006) and in the miniseries The girls of San Frediano (2006). In 2002 he made his film debut, appearing in Bastiani Fortress and subsequently in Everyone on the attack (2005). Those of Francini and between are still uncertain Seafarers 2 (2007) and Cafe room (2008) on TV he is just a comic character, who finds vent in the cinema in the sketches of Lillo and Greg – The movie! (2007). Yet, precisely in these years that something changes: cinema offers her the opportunity to show off and the Florentine actress does not let it slip away.

Leonardo Pieraccioni writing for the role of Giustina in A beautiful wife (2007), where he shows his singing skills singing two extracts from the musical Grease, and the following year he appears in it The early bird catches the worm (2008) of Francesco Patierno and in Italian-American Miracle in Sant’Anna (2008) of Spike Lee, in which is Fabiola. These are parts that do not yet allow her to see the limelight, but that form her and ensure that she has visibility, as well as that obtained at the Venice Film Festival in 2008 and at the Sundance Film Festival 2009 with the interpretation of Stella in Another planet (2008). While on TV he shares the set with Micaela Ramazzotti, Claudia Gerini is Antonia Liskova in the miniseries The secretaries of the sixth (2009), the big screen finally puts her in the spotlight in Males against females (2010) and Females versus males (2011), both with the role of Marta, roommate of Nicolas Vaporidis is Paolo Ruffini, which in 2011 allowed her to win the Guglielmo Biraghi Award at the Venice Film Festival. The success of the two comedies leads Francini to join the cast of the second and third season of the series All crazy for love (2010) as Bea, a Tuscan hairdresser engaged to the character of Alessio Boni.

Finally the actress becomes successful and begins to receive somewhat substantial parts in comedies of various kinds. Meet Ruffini again on the set of There are those who say no (2011), accompanied by Paola Cortellesi is Luca Argentero and in the same year it is directed by Black Relatives in My friends – How it all began (2011) and from Alessandro Genovesi neither Worst week of my life (2011). These are the years in which her comedy and her actoriality are rewarded in various festivals, she receives the Renzo Montagnani Award in 2010, the Capri Hollywood as Actress of the Year and the Aphrodite Award as a brilliant young actress in 2011, Il Torrino gold 2012 as a Florentine character of the show. She is, in fact, now an established actress of Italian comedy and with her attractiveness, her Florentine accent and her comedy, Carlo Vanzina writing for Good day (2012) as the girlfriend of Paolo Conticini. After playing the sister of Francesco Mandelli in Crazy about me (2013), a year full of commitments arrives for Francini, that of 2014, which sees her on the set of I marry you but not too much of Gabriele Pignotta, Soap opera of Genovesi and of All very nice, directed by Paolo Ruffini. On the television front, the year is a real turning point, in fact after being one of the co-hosts of Colorado in 2011, she was entrusted with the management together with Diego Abatantuono of the 2014 edition, to which it follows MTV Italia Awards 2014, presented together with Alessandro Betti is Pif.

2016 looks like a new excellent year for the actress, who is entrusted with the management of Sunday In with Pippo Baudo and several television productions, including series Weddings and other follies is Don’t tell my boss. At the cinema, however, he is first in the comedy biography On Air – Story of a success (2016) with Marco Mazzoli is Giancarlo Giannini, then voices the bird teacher Matilda in angry Birds (2016). The dubbing will also see her engaged in Show Dogs (2018), where his voice is that of one of the dogs in the film made to help Oipa (International Animal Protection Organization).

angry Birds

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