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Millennium - Men who hate women

Christopher Plummer
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Born in: Toronto, Canada
Born on: 13/12/1929
Dies at: Weston, Connecticut, United States
He dies on: 05/02/2021


Christopher Plummer, born Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer was born in Toronto on December 13, 1929 and he is the only child of a middle-class family, his great-grandfather, Sir John Abbott, was, in fact, Prime Minister of Canada in the 1890s. After his birth, his parents divorced and little Plummer moved with his mother to Montréal, Québec, where he began studying piano, an instrument that he abandoned in the 1940s in favor of acting studies. The beginnings are promising, the interpretations in the theaters of Ottawa and Montréal are worth him not only as an experience, but also as a visiting card for the future, especially when the theater critic Herbert Whittaker notices him in the role of Mr Darcy in a scholastic representation of Pride and Prejudice in 1946, being amazed at how a simple student could fit so well into the part of the Austenian character.

With such natural gifts, Plummer’s Broadway debut was not long in coming and in the 1950s he already received his first Tony Award nomination. In the meantime, the collaboration begins, which continues today, with the Strartford Shakespeare Festival, where he plays a large number of Shakespearean roles, from Hamlet to Macbeth. In the 1960s he alternated New York with London for major theatrical engagements, such as the performance with the Royal Shakespeare Company; it is in this period that he meets the director Elia Kazan, who wants him as a protagonist in 1973 in the musical Cyrano, a role that is worth it his first Tony Award. Plummer turns his gaze beyond the stage and, after collaborating with radio and TV, in 1958 he arrives on the big screen with two dramas: Glamor of the stage of Sidney Lumet next to Henry Fonda is Susan Strasberg; as the protagonist in The barbarian’s paradise of Nicholas Ray. In this way he tries to assert his theatrical fame also in the world of cinema and he succeeds above all thanks to the enormous success encountered by All together passionately (1965), where the actor plays Georg von Trapp, a role that, given the excellent result of the comedy, gave him the greatest success, although Plummer has always defined it boring and too sentimental. What follows is a decade of ferment, in which he plays alongside the Loren in The fall of the Roman empire (1964) and with Robert Redford in The strange world of Daisy Clover (1965).

Although the ’70s and’ 80s did not see him take on the role of the protagonist, Christopher Plummer manages to establish himself fully, thanks to the interpretation of secondary characters, who stand out on the scene with his acting; among them Sir Lytton in The Pink Panther strikes again (1975) by Black Edwards, the writer Rudyard Kipling in The man who wanted to be king (1975) by John Huston and Professor Paris Catalano in Italian production Nosferatu in Venice (1988).

The Nineties open with the role of the villain in Star Trek VI – Journey into the unknown (1991), the treacherous General Chang. Acts alongside big names like Jack Nicholson is Michelle Pfeiffer in Wolf – The beast is out (1994) and takes part in historical films such as The army of the 12 monkeys (1996) of Terry Gilliam with Bruce Willis is Brad Pitt. In 1999 he received critical ovations for his interpretation of the journalist Mike Wallace in Insider – Behind the truth of Micheal Mann, where it accompanies on the screen Al Pacino is Russel Crowe. From here come other considerable successes for the Canadian actor who participates in the works of great directors, such as A Beautiful Mind (2001) of Ron Howard (where he joins Crowe again), is Aristotle in Alexander of Oliver Stone, acts with a starred cast in Inside Man (2006) of Spike Lee and is Dr. Parnassus in Parnassus – The man who wanted to deceive the devil (2008). Plummer also measures himself as a voice actor, lending his voice, which he had already done in 1986 in Fievel lands in America, to high-level animated films, such as Up.

In 2010 Plummer was nominated by the Academy as Best Supporting Actor for The Last Station (2009), but does not win the golden statuette, the award will still arrive the following year (together with the Golden Globe) in the same category for the interpretation in Beginners (2010); at the ripe old age of 82 Plummer is the oldest actor to have received an Oscar. 2011 is certainly one of the most prolific years of the third millennium for him, the Canadian is, in fact, the protagonist with Daniel Craig is Rooney Mara in the remake of David Fincher Millenium – Men who hate women.

In 2017 after that Kevin Spacey accused of sexual harassment, Plummer is called to replace him after film is completed in All the money in the world (2017), directed by Ridley Scott which tells the events that occurred in the 70s to the detriment of the Getty family, whose head of the family J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer) initially refused to pay the ransom to his nephew’s kidnappers. Although the actor has appeared in over 100 films and despite his great fame in cinema, Plummer has always stated that he prefers the theater for the close relationship that is created with the public during the performances.

Christopher Plummer has also tried his hand as a screenwriter, writing for the theater and TV, often combining pieces by great classical composers with Shakespearean plays. Among the copious number of awards he has achieved, those not purely cinematographic also stand out: for example, in 1968 he was awarded as Companion of the Order of Canada, a prize bestowed on Canadian citizens in the world.

Millennium - Men who hate women

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