Courtney Stodden comes out as non-binary, uses them / them pronouns

Courtney Stodden revealed that they are not binary.

On Tuesday April 13, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant took out via Instagram and Twitter and explained that they “don’t identify as her or her.”

They said, “I never felt like I fit in anywhere. I was horribly bullied at school because I was different. Other girls never understood me. . It got so bad that my mom pulled me out of school. And yet, I don’t fit in. I’ve never really connected with anyone my age. My mind is flowing with a kaleidoscope colours. “

“I’m delighted to start to truly express myself without worrying about the judgments or opinions of others. I have lived too long hiding from who I really am. I’m so excited for everyone to see my real self in a creative and spiritual way, ”they told Variety in a statement.

Stodden has announced his new single and his new music video for “Pleasure” which will be released on May 1st. The song means more to them than ever.

“It was so important for me to take back control of the men I lived under,” they said on the release of the upcoming video. “It’s kind of a role reversal and I hope everyone feels empowered to be who they want!”

Watch a teaser for the music video below.

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