“Deeply mediocre” Ivanka lambasted during the audit, finding her initiative for women a “complete mess”

Ivanka Trump is called “deeply mediocre” after an audit by the Government Accountability Office found that her sole initiative as a senior White House adviser was a total failure. Or a “complete mess,” as the Daily Beast puts it.

According to the audit, released last week, Ivanka’s Global Women’s Development and Prosperity Initiative, which she consistently sang about in interviews and on social media, was a total show behind the scenes.

Not only that, but it has completely failed in its mission to help small businesses run by women around the world.

Oh, and on top of that, there are serious questions about where the hundreds of millions of dollars are allocated to the initiative. Surprise!

Just when you thought Ivanka Trump couldn’t be worse… she does.

She still does.

– Jake Lobin (@JakeLobin) April 1, 2021

The audit found that many of the 19 women’s empowerment programs that Ivanka created as part of her failed initiative had virtually no control and never really determined who was eligible to receive $ 265 million per year. in federal aid, other than saying they had to be “poor women entrepreneurs” or just “very poor”, whatever that means in Ivanka’s mind.

The audit also found “significant failures in both targeting the money and measuring its impact,” as the former first daughter said she was “rigorously” monitoring “execution and the efficiency of the money we spend ”.

In a scathing editorial, Daily Beast columnist Erin Gloria Ryan called Ivanka “a deeply mediocre child of inherited wealth, a true American princess of unheard of stature,” then said:

The embarrassing report made six tough recommendations to USAID, including “identifying total funding,” defining what women-owned businesses are, and ensuring that the data reported on the program is reliable in the future. In some cases, according to the report, the money was distributed to programs that never reported on the use of the funds. In other cases, the program sent surveys on the use of funds to the wrong people, some of whom did not even work for the programs in question. In other cases, no follow-up survey was sent to anyone, ”she wrote. “For all the self-congratulatory PR she was doing on her own, Ivanka might as well have put $ 5 bills in Coca-Cola bottles by throwing them into the ocean screaming.” ‘help a woman!’ after them as they crashed into the waves, before rushing to a $ 1,000 per plate ‘women’s empowerment’ gala to give a speech about how empowering she just gave.

“Everything was scattered with no real purpose or clear objective,” a senior Trump administration official told Politico. “This is not a good use of taxpayer dollars and is not helping people anywhere.”

Of course, none of this is even the least surprising. Ivanka has literally failed in everything she has ever done in life. Whether it’s modeling, TV, writing, handbag design, running a charity, chatting with world leaders, or just being a human being on planet Earth. , there doesn’t seem to be anything Ivanka Trump can’t mess up.

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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