Demi Lovato ends feud with frozen yogurt store

Demi Lovato has faced a backlash for accusing a small business of promoting diet culture.

On Sunday April 18, the “Dancing With The Devil” singer shared details of a negative experience she had at The Bigg Chill frozen yogurt store in Los Angeles, saying the sugar-free cookies and “diet” options that she had seen before going to the counter were ‘triggers and horrible’.

“It’s extremely difficult to order froyo from @thebiggchillofficial when you have to walk past tons of sugar-free cookies / other health foods before you get to the counter,” Lovato wrote to his 102 million Instagram followers. “Do better, please.”

“We are not diet vultures. We have been serving all of our customers’ needs for 36 years. We’re sorry you found this offensive, ”the company replied.

The Bigg Chill said HuffPost in a statement that they were “really hurt by Demi’s comments”.

“For the past 36 years, our small, women-owned business has reached out to everyone who walks through the door. Whether they’re diabetic, vegan, gluten-free, or just want a decadent dessert – we’ve always tried to have something for everyone, ”the company said.

“You can carry things for other people while taking care of a different percentage of your customers who have trouble EVERYDAY just stepping foot in your store,” Lovato replied. “You can find a way to provide a welcoming environment for all people with different needs. Including eating disorders.”

“Don’t make excuses, do better,” she added.

After facing backlash, the former Disney Channel star backed down on his crusade, posting a video on Monday, April 20, apologizing for his candid comments on their in-store display and explaining how the store froyo can trigger those who are recovering from, or currently. struggling, with eating disorders.

“It was not clear to me that it was for specific health needs,” she explained. But I am ready to speak to this froyo store to help get the message right. “

“I am human and I speak of my struggles. And I am passionate. So I am sorry to make a mistake in the message. I am sorry to have disappointed some people. “She continued.” But I don’t want a small business as a person with a lot of followers. This is not what I am doing here. I entered a situation that did not suit me. My intuition told me to talk about it and I did. “

The singer said she was willing to work with the store to get the message right so other people with eating disorders can feel safe ordering at their establishment.

“I’m so sorry if this has been misinterpreted. I am not always right. I say what I think. I am opinionated and sometimes I am described as problematic, ”she added. “Everything I do is well intentioned.”

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