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Depeche Mode are a British musical group originally from Basildon. Having come to the fore on the English synth pop scene in the early eighties, their fame continued in the following years, with a thirty-year career, which then also embraced other musical genres, with broad concessions to pop rock and New Wave. especially in the second phase, and a massive foray into alternative dance, to become one of the emblematic groups of electronic music, and one of the most important and influential bands of the last thirty years. The well-known British music magazine Q called them “the most popular and long-lived electronic band the world has ever known”. VH1 placed them in 98th place in its ranking of the “100 best artists of all time”. Depeche Mode have in total sold around 100 million albums worldwide[2]; their career is studded with successes such as Everything Counts (1983), Never Let Me Down Again (1987), Personal Jesus (1989), Enjoy the Silence (1990), Walking in My Shoes (1993), It’s No Good (1997) and Precious (2005), just to name a few of the many they have made. After almost four years of absence, Depeche Mode returned to the limelight and to the top of the world hit parades in 2004, with the triple collection Remixes 81-04, containing their greatest hits remastered, some in the original extended versions, others remixed for the occasion as a DJ of the caliber of Timo Maas or Mike Shinoda, and then with the albums Playing The Angel (2005), Sounds of the Universe (2009) and Remixes 2: 81-11.


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