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Diego Abatantuono
Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Contact & Informations

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Age: 65 years old
Height: 183 cm
Born in: Milan, Italy
Born on: 20/05/1955

Spouse: Rita Rabassini (s. 1984-1987)
Sons: Marta Abatantuono, Matteo Abatantuono, Marco Abatantuono


Diego Abatantuono was born in May of 1955 in Milan, but grew up at the Casa Minime, with his father shoemaker from Vieste and his mother Rosa from Como, costume designer Derby, cabaret theater run by his uncles. This is enough to make the good Diego breathe the air of the show from an early age, bringing him soon on the scene, as a boy, together with Cats of Vicolo Miracoli. Later, in the seventies, he will perform with the friends of a lifetime: Giorgio Faletti, Massimo Boldi, Enzo Jannacci. He arrived at the cinema in 1976, with a role in similpolizziottesco Free dangerous armed of Romolo Warriors, where he is almost unrecognizable without his typical mustache. In the late seventies, however, he participated in several comedy films, striking the Italian collective imagination as legendary baker Cecco of Fantozzi against everyone (1980). The first starring role however comes in 1981, when it is Monica Vitti to want him by his side for Tango of jealousy, directed by Steno.

It is the prelude to three to four years of fire that transform him into one of the king of the Italian box office: plays for the direction of Carlo Vanzina his workhorses in Eccezziunale … really (for which he also writes the title song and plays the role of three characters), Viuulently mine (1982) and The ras of the neighborhood (1983). Among these there is also the proverbial Attila scourge of God (1982) by Castellano & Pipolo, where the spelling of the name of the fearsome leader “Hun” enters the myth.

After a three-year break, during which he married in 1984 (the marriage lasted three years), in 1986 he surprised the public by presenting himself as a decidedly serious actor in Christmas gift of Pupi Avati, getting a Silver Ribbon for best supporting role and one nomination for a David di Donatello. In 1987 he repeats his commitment with the beautiful role of the protagonist’s father in A boy from Calabria of Luigi Comencini, also making a cameo in the first movie of Gabriele Salvatores, Kamikazen. Salvatores, after Avati, is the director who guarantees him a more experimental acting path: he is in the generational cast Marrakech Express (1989), Turnè (1990), the award-winning Mediterranean (1991) and Puerto Escondido (1992, Nastro d’Argento as best protagonist).

Since 1990, however, he has tried to keep his cabaret vein never dormant parallel with the more complex interpretations: in fact, he resumes typical gags in works such as Christmas holidays ’90, Paparazzi (1998) and Fans (1999), but at the same time the relationship with Salvatores continues, with Nirvana (1997), in which he is even the character of a video game, Amnesia (2002), I’m not afraid (2003, Nastro d’Argento best supporting role) e Happy Family (2010). In the meantime he has also resumed the relationship with Avati, for The best man (1997), The revenge of Christmas (2004), Dinner to introduce them (2006), The friends of the Bar Margherita (2009). In between there is a prestigious co-interpretation with Sergio Castellitto of Unfair competition (2000) by Ettore Scola.

Beyond the historical partnerships with Salvatores and Avati, he is always active as character actor even in small parts in Italian comedies, such as the recent one The Babysitters. Affectionate to the world of cabaret, he co-founded, and in the early 2000s conducted, the broadcast Colorado Cafe.

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