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Dwayne Johnson
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Age: 48 years old
Height: 196 cm
Born in: Hayward, California, USA
Born on: 02/05/1972


Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born on May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California, with an apparently doomed destiny: that of wrestler. His father, of Canadian descent, is the famous Rocky Johnson. His grandfather, of Samoan descent, is Peter Fanene Maivia, better known as the Flying Hawaiian. Yet, from a very young age, the future Luke Hobbs of Fast & Furious he prefers football to the “family” sport. Already in high school he proves to be an ace of the ball and, once he enters the University of Miami thanks to a scholarship, he becomes a real phenomenon. In 1995 a bad accident interrupts his career, forcing him – after just one year in the Canadian League – to “fall back” on wrestling.

The choice turns out to be very lucky and, following the debut in the USWA (United States Wrestling Association) with the name of Flex Kavanah, the boy joins the World Wrestling Federation, becoming Rocky Maivia and joining the stable heel “The Nation of Domination”. It is in this period that Dwayne Johnson begins to be called The Rock, to talk about himself in the third person and to prove to be an extraordinary entertainer, able to excite the crowds and above all to amaze, for example by insulting fans in his promos. Without listing the large number of victories in memorable matches, we will limit ourselves to saying that the wrestler with the infallible sharpshooter changes his membership elite several times and comes to the name of “The Peoples Champion”.

Not happy with the excellent results in the ring, he concretely makes space in the entertainment world, appearing – in 1999 – in television series That ’70s Show is The Net. In 2000 it is the turn of an extra in Star Trek – Voyager is in the 2001 here comes the first film role. The film is The Mummy – The Return, sequel to The Mummy (1999) and the second chapter of a trilogy starring Brendan Fraser. The Rock he is the warrior of 3067 BC Scorpio king, part he will play again in the 2002 in the spin-off The Scorpion King.
Even though both films are pure escapism, Dwayne Johnson however it proves convincing, settling, during the first decade of the third millennium, on the average of one or two films per year. Neither The treasure of the Amazon (2003) the actor duets with Seann William Scott and, in the role of a henchman who must find the son of a boss, he throws himself into a series of amazing adventures. In Head held high (2004), which is the remake of the ’73 Tough for the Law, plays instead of a retired Marine Corps Special Forces soldier returning to his hometown and facing a mountain of problems to deal with.

Another important work experience, albeit in a non-starring role, is Be Cool (2005), sequel to Get Shorty (1996) which relies on the talent of the couple Uma Thurman / John Travolta. Always in 2005, The Rock captain the cast of Doom, an adaptation of the video game of the same name and an adrenaline-pumping mix of action, horror and science fiction. Mix of genres is also Southland Tales – This is how the world ends (2006) of Richard Kelly, in which Johnson is an action movie actor who wakes up in the desert after amnesia. If the last two titles soon end up in oblivion, as well as the subsequent ones The Gridiron Gang (2006) is Game Changer (2007), to lead back Dwayne Johnson in the mainstream universe is Smart Agent – Total Casino (2008), which certainly does not belong to the category of auteur films, but which in every way has its own dignity and refinement, if only because it is inspired by the homonymous TV series created by Mel Brooks and Buck Herny. If in the film the scene is almost all for Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, The Rock he does the role of Agent 23 quite well.

We like to remember the films immediately following Race to Witch Montain (2009), Faster (2010) and especially The Tooth Catcher (2010). While in the first two Johnson he gets along magnificently at the wheel of a car – now being a taxi driver, now the driver of a gang of thieves – in the third he uses a celestial costume and wings to transform himself into a male version of the Tooth Fairy. Just a year after this bizarre ordeal, Dwayne Johnson forcefully enters the myth thanks to Fast & Furious 5, or simply Fast Five. In the fifth chapter of the saga begun by Rob Cohen in 2001 Justin Lin entrusts him with the character of an agent of the United States government, a concentrate of muscles and testosterone who always hits hard. The actor will reprise the role from time to time Fast & Furious 6 (2013) how much in Fast & Furious 7 (2015), achieving success and even an action figure.

If in 2012 Johnson reads in Journey to the mysterious island – winning the Kids’ Choice Award – in 2013 totaled six films, not least the aforementioned Furious 6. Among these we point out GI Joe – Revenge – in which Dwayne Johnson is Sergeant Major Roadblock, GI Joe Special Group Machine Gunner – e Pain & Gain – Muscles and money, which gives him an irresistible character: ex-convict Paul Doyle, who first finds solace in religion and Alcoholics Anonymous and then gets involved in a kidnapping. In 2014, The Rock he wears a lion skin to impersonate one of the most heroic figures in Greek mythology: the fearsome leader Hercules. The film is titled Hercules: the warrior, is directed by Brett Ratner and is inspired by the graphic novel “Hercules: The Thracian War”.

In addition to acting, the actor, who is one of the celebrities who post photos on Instagram most assiduously, also becomes a life coach in reality TV. Wake Up Call (2014), in which he attempts to spur individuals who find themselves facing turning points to action. The latter is not the only mentor moment for The Rock which in 2015 is the protagonist of the TV series Ballers, where he rediscovers his old passion for football and improvises himself as a consultant for the new promises of sport. At the cinema, his adrenaline-pumping career continues with a series of action movies, including the catastrophic San Andreas (2015). In 2018 he returns to cover the role of Luke Hobbs in Fast Furious 8, where he sides against Dominic Toretto.

In the same year, the former wrestler adds a pinch of insanity to his recent filmography with comedies Baywatch (2017), film adaptation of the 90s series of the same name, e Jumanji – Welcome to the jungle (2017), a sequel to the first 1995 film. Subsequently, the big screen sees him facing a huge albino gorilla, a giant wolf and a mammoth crocodile in Rampage – Animal fury (2018), an adventurous sci-fi film based on the 1980s game of the same name. The future of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is studded with interesting and ambitious projects, he will surely continue to put his muscles at the service of action cinema, without disdaining a small dose of humor and self-irony.

Jungle Cruise

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