Ed Helms and Patti Harrison Take Comedy and Trans Visibility to a New Level in ‘Together Together’

April 23, 2021

Leave it to the Sundance Festival to roll out one of the funniest – and most innovative – comedies of the year.

“Together Together” follows the story of Matt (Ed Helms), a middle-aged single man who decides to become a dad through surrogacy. To carry his child, he approaches Anna (Patti Harrison), a single woman trying to find a balance in her 20-year life. What begins as a casual business relationship turns into a special kind of love story, and Matt and Anna come to value each other in the run-up to the birth of their child. Julio Torres and Tig Notaro are also on the bill; the film hits theaters and On Demand on April 23.

For Helms, the film represents a return to comedy, but with a new level of depth. Helms forged a reputation as a comic book actor starring in the popular “The Hangover” film series and working as a correspondent for “The Daily Show”. For Harrison, “Together, Together” means something even greater. After appearances on television shows such as “Search Party”, “Broad City” and “The Tonight Show”, the film offers him a chance to prove himself as a leading actor. Additionally, Harrison may be the first openly transgender woman to play a pregnant woman in a movie.

We hung out with Helms & Harrison to discuss the film, its style of comedy, and the responsibility of a trans performer playing a cis character. “Together Together” hits theaters and On Demand April 23.

Video editor: David Beerman

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