Entertainment : Amber Heard’s Longtime Stylist’s Testimony Disputes Claims of Facial Injuries Caused by Johnny Depp

Amusement: Brownish-yellow Heard’s Long time Stylist’s Statement Disputes Claims of Facial Injuries Triggered By Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is remaining to collect witnesses privy to the individual battles he completed Brownish-yellow Heard throughout their unpredictable marital relationship, as well as has actually currently touched her stylist to indicate versus ever before seeing face injuries after the starlet declared Depp defeat her up.

Depp’s lawful group acquired statement of celeb stylist, Samantha McMillen McMillen states she has actually assisted design Heard for “significant occasions” given that 2014.

Particularly, she explains styling the celebrity for a look on “The Late Late Program with James Corden” on December 16, 2015, after the starlet declared Depp had actually offered her 2 shiners throughout a disagreement that took place the previous evening.

” Throughout the day of December 16, 2015, I might see plainly that Brownish-yellow Heard did not have any kind of noticeable marks, contusions, cuts, or injuries to her face or any kind of various other component of her body,” McMillen indicated.

Listened to explained the claimed event later on, while looking for a limiting order versus the “Pirates of the Caribbean” celebrity, as well as declared he had actually divided her lip as well as offered her 2 shiners. She asserts the claimed event triggered her to “really been afraid for my life.”

Heard’s close friend, iO Tillett Wright, created in a write-up regarding the claimed event, declaring, “She explained a full-scale attack as well as she got up with her cushion covered in blood. I understand this since I mosted likely to their residence. I saw the cushion with my very own eyes. I saw the damaged lip as well as the globs of hair on the flooring. I obtained the telephone call right away after it occurred, her howling as well as weeping, a patient female lowered to sobs. As she, drinking as well as weeping, explained this 195- extra pound male tossing the complete weight of his body right into head-butting his 120- extra pound better half.”

When defining those face injuries, McMillen stated, “Ms. Heard did not have any kind of shiners, as well as had actually been noticeably unscathed throughout the day as well as then.”

McMillen’s statement might bring substantial weight in the recurring character assassination fit in between Depp as well as Heard, as the stylist is a reputable witness that consistently collaborates with various other celebrities in Hollywood. Actually, she just recently styled Brie Larson‘s much-talked-about search for the best of “Avengers: Endgame.”

The stylist likewise provided statement regarding dealing with Listened to on May 24, 2016 … the day presumably harsh battle that Listened to stated throughout her psychological deposition.

McMillen stated she turned up to your house around noontime as well as “she pertained to me at the end of the stairs in Mr. Depp’s residence as well as provided me a hug, sobbing.”

The stylist was determined Heard had no marks on her face throughout their conference on May 24, yet confessed, “3 days after my experience with Ms. Heard, on May 27, 2016, I saw in the media that Ms. Heard had actually litigated with noticeable injuries noticeable on her face. I understood that she did not have those marks on her face May 24, 2016 when I was with her.”

As we reported, Depp’s lawful group has actually accumulated lots of monitoring video footage they assert show Heard did not have any kind of noticeable injuries in the days after the quarrel in between both celebrities.

Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, informs us, “Today’s vouched affirmation supplied by Brownish-yellow Heard’s very own stylist contributes to the frustrating body of proof destroying not just her currently throughly disproven Might 21, 2016 scam versus Johnny Depp, yet likewise her bogus December 15, 2015 misuse asserts versus him.”

Heard has actually remained to adhere to her insurance claims of physical as well as spoken misuse by Depp, as well as has actually promised to eliminate the $50 million character assassination fit submitted by the star.


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