Entertainment : Homophobe demands out lawmaker perform oral sex on another man to prove he’s actually gay

Home entertainment: Homophobe requires out legislator do foreplay on one more male to confirm he’s really gay

YouTuber Brenden Dilley is a honored Trump advocate and also raving homophobe that just recently published a video clip stating he does not think Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims is gay.


Due to the fact that he’s never ever seen the out legislator do foreplay on a male.

Dilley just recently published a 50- minute video clip to his YouTube network asserting Sims (that he describes as “that c * cksucker from Pennsylvania”) is covertly straight which he’s just acting to be gay for political gain.

Due to the fact that everybody understands the very best method to court enact a state that went with Trump in 2016 is be anything apart from a directly, white, cisgender man with an other half and also 2 children.

” This man’s not f * cking gay,” Dilley declares. “Sims does not such as the d * ck.”.

” Sims makes believe to be gay since it gives insurance coverage of his habits, since he understands any individual that breaks him will certainly be classified a chauvinist,” Dilley proceeds.

” I do not believe he’s gay and also I believe we require to confirm it. … We must f * cking need we see him draw a d * ck prior to we’ll think he’s gay. You’re not gay, man. Draw a d * ck! I do not think you, I believe you’re simply acting to do it!”.

” A gay individual would certainly do it. Draw a d * ck! Go!”.

There’s absolutely nothing fairly like a homophobe asking to view a person do foreplay on one more individual, exists?

Watch Dilley’s strange homophobic tirade listed below. Or do not.

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