Entertainment : Is There an 'Avengers: Endgame' Post-Credits Scene?

Home Entertainment: Exists an ' Avengers: Endgame ' Post-Credits Scene?

Unlike the majority of Wonder motion pictures, Avengers: Endgame did not have a post-credits. Rather, there was an extremely acquainted noise at the end of it.

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As all of us understand Endgame notes completion of the MCU age, which all began with 2008’s Iron Guy Yet though this phase has actually formally pertained to an end, followers waited on some kind of idea concerning what’s mosting likely to occur following. Sadly, there weren’t any type of. Yet there was something A clanking sound starts to repeat the credit reports … the noise of a hammer on steel.

According to Home Entertainment Weekly, it’s a refined homage to the initial Iron Guy film in which visitors saw Tony Stark making his initial fit while he’s caught in a give in Afghanistan. He sacrifices himself at the end of Endgame to conserve the remainder of humankind, so the sound might be a nod to the film and also the personality that began everything.

Nevertheless, other individuals have actually thought the noise might be an intro of what’s following. Besides, Tony Stark isn’t the only Iron Guy in the comics– and also though we’re mosting likely to miss out on Robert Downey Jr., probably one more Iron Guy will certainly take his area in future movies. The clanking might be the noise of one more individual making his/her very own fit.

We’ll simply need to wait on the following movie to understand without a doubt.

The ‘Avengers’: After That and also Currently

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