Entertainment : J. Lo Walking in On Katy Perry Dressing as Hamburger is a Moment

Enjoyment: J. Lo Strolling know Katy Perry Dressing as Burger is a Minute

The tomato might have flushed when it saw the salad clothing, yet Jennifer Lopez hardly batted an eye when she strolled right into a washroom Monday evening (May 6) while Katy Perry wedged right into her human-hamburger outfit.

Perry, that would certainly invested the mass of the 2019 Met Gala impersonated a human-chandelier, chose to choose a much more cooking strategy for the occasion’s after-party process, and also in a video clip listed below, you can see her– lettuce-dress currently set up– attempting to press her means right into the super-sized treat.

However J. Lo barely appeared excited by the task, and also followers noticed her amusing indifference.

” The restroom looks so regular. Omg. Katy Perry is the weird one and also JLo is the preferred lady. Reminds of intermediate school,” one Twitter-user created, while an additional kept in mind “Many thanks for this. I am for life hoping to see communications in the restroom in between celebrities. Picture cardi and also nicki running across each various other in the restroom.



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