Entertainment : Jaboukie Young-White has a brilliant solution for ending gun violence in America

Home Entertainment: Jaboukie Young-White has a great service for finishing weapon physical violence in America

Our favored Daily Program reporter Jaboukie Young-White simply shared his fantastic service for finishing weapon physical violence in America: make weapons gay!

Today, Young-White utilized that current research study concerning just how straight guys do not such as to reuse due to the fact that they assume it makes them appear gay, after that suggested the very same poisonous manliness might possibly persuade prospective mass shooters right into not slaughtering individuals.

” Just how do you lower weapon possession without weapon control legislations?” host Trevor Noah asked.

To which, Young-White reacted, “Easy. We simply require to make weapons gay.”

He took place to claim this could not be challenging considering that weapons are currently a little gay naturally, “Instantly, weapons are what? Long, hard, [and] the very best ones are black.”

” As well as where do individuals maintain their weapons, Trevor? In the wardrobe.

Makes good sense to us!

” I obtain what you’re attempting to do,” Noah responded, “however, for Americans that have guns, weapons aren’t much like weapons. They’re a neighborhood of manly seekers as well as liberty boxers.”

” Yeah, as well as we require to explain just how gay that seems,” Young-White responded to. “Like, the right to birth arms? I enjoy bare arms, also … Also the names of weapon legislations audio gay. Hidden bring? That resembles every username on Grindr. The legislation could too be called, ‘Assbreaker37’ As Well As Stand Your Ground? That seems like a Kelly Clarkson gay anthem.”

Factor taken.

” You’re mosting likely to make weapons gay,” Noah stated. “So after that straight guys will not desire them any longer, so they’re mosting likely to provide the weapons to gay individuals, as well as gay individuals are mosting likely to hand them over to the federal government.”

” No, no, no,” Young-White responded. “Gay individuals maintain the weapons, and after that we run the nation. You recognize what I’m stating?”


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