Entertainment : Johnny Depp Fights Back Against Claim He Tried to Get Amber Heard Fired From ‘Aquaman’

Home Entertainment: Johnny Depp Resists Versus Case He Attempted to Obtain Brownish-yellow Heard Discharged From ‘Aquaman’

Johnny Depp‘s lawyer is calling the case that his customer attempted to have Brownish-yellow Heard “blacklisted” and also terminated from “Aquaman” a “desperate initiative” to attempt and also smear him without evidence.

According to a tale from The Hollywood Press reporter, Depp’s previous attorneys– the home entertainment law practice Flower Hergott– wish to depose previous Detector Bros. chairman Kevin Tsujihara. THR states that “resources acquainted with the deposition demands state Tsujihara will certainly be asked to affirm under vow regarding whether he contributed in ‘blacklisting’ Listened to at Detector Bros.” at the wish of Depp, that desired Heard terminated from “Aquaman.”

Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, informs The Blast, “The Hollywood Press reporter tale affirming Johnny Depp tried to ‘blacklist’ Brownish-yellow Heard from Aquaman is a desperate initiative by offenders to smear Mr. Depp making use of an evidence-free media and also clickbait. It is just the most up to date incorrect assertion, anonymously infused right into the media by offenders being taken legal action against by Johnny Depp for 10s of countless bucks, planned to conserve their skins and also postpone an impending day of projection in a law court.”

Depp is filing a claim against the law practice for over $60 million, asserting they breached their fiduciary obligation to him.

Waldman asserts that not just did Depp not attempt and also have actually Listened to terminated from “Aquaman,” it’s actually vice versa.

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He states, “Grotesquely, the reality is the reverse of their most current ‘blacklist claims’: according to the New york city Article, ‘elderly execs at Detector Bros.,’ that are the firm’s #Metoo management and also directly close with Brownish-yellow Heard, asserted a week ago that Detector Bros. would certainly toss Johnny Depp off the ‘Wonderful Monsters’ flick franchise business in which he stars as a result of Ms. Heard’s misuse scam, regardless of that it has actually been completely disproven by authorities and also various other vouched statement, pictures, audio tape and also 87 monitoring video clips. Ms. Heard has herself formerly been jailed and also put behind bars for residential physical violence.”

Waldman explains that the suit versus Depp’s previous law practice has absolutely nothing to do with Brownish-yellow Heard.

” Concealed under the blacklist lie is the fallacy that Mr. Depp is filing a claim against Boom Hergott for anything associating with Brownish-yellow Heard,” Waldman states. “Mr. Depp is filing a claim against Ms. Heard for her activities, the Sunlight paper for theirs, and also Flower Hergott for their own. Holding hands will not aid them. These issues will certainly be identified by the Court, not the Hollywood Press reporter, neither by Individuals Publication, whose staff member conspired with Ms. Heard to place her scam on its cover. Mr. Depp will certainly have his days in courts; these lies will certainly never ever make it through the sanitizing sunshine of proof.”

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

As The Blast initially reported, Johnny Depp took legal action against Heard for character assassination over an op-ed Heard composed in 2015 where she described herself as “a somebody standing for residential misuse.” Depp rejects ever before abusing Heard and also is requesting $50 million in problems.

In his suit, Depp differs with a write-up Listened to composed for the Washington Blog Post in December 2018, in which she described herself as “a somebody standing for residential misuse.”

Although Johnny Depp was not called, he asserts the whole short article “relies on the main facility that Ms. Heard was a residential misuse sufferer which Mr. Depp carried out residential physical violence versus her.”

He asserts that Heard’s misuse claims were “effectively shot down by 2 different reacting law enforcement agent, a list of neutral third-party witnesses, and also 87 recently acquired monitoring video camera video clips.”

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