Entertainment : Kristoff St. John’s Estate Sued Over Unpaid AMEX Bill

Amusement: Kristoff St. John’s Estate Took legal action against Over Unpaid AMEX Costs

The estate for Kristoff St. John is dealing with a claim that asserts the soap celebrity passed away owing American Express some loan.

According to court records gotten by The Blast, the American Express National Financial institution submitted a financial institution’s case versus the estate recently, a little bit greater than 2 months after his passing away.

The case specifies that AMEX thinks they are owed $33,00731

St. John’s estate remains in change after his child Paris submitted records in March declaring he passed away without a will as well as requesting she be called the manager.

Much less than a week later on, St. John’s papa submitted shocked records declaring St. John did have a transcribed will that called the papa as administrator of the estate.

Paris reacted the following day, claiming the transcribed will was never ever indicated to be seen as well as need to not be thought about legitimate.


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