Entertainment : State workers accused of “surfing sex sites” instead of doing their jobs in anonymous emails

Amusement: State employees implicated of “surfing sex websites” as opposed to doing their work in confidential e-mails

A continuous discussion over just how to money a suggested brand-new bridge in Alabama has actually simply taken an extremely gay and also an extremely sex-related turn.

For months, legislators in Alabama have actually been discussing just how to money a suggested brand-new $2.1 billion bridge that will certainly extend throughout the Mobile River. reported back in May:

The task entails constructing a 2.5-mile-long, six-lane wire remain bridge that stands 215 feet over the Mobile River. The bridge would certainly be amongst the highest in The United States and Canada, and also just 5 feet much shorter than the 220- foot elevation of the renowned Golden Gateway Bridge in San Francisco.

One suggested concept for covering expenses was to bill vehicle drivers a $3 to $6 toll for utilizing the bridge.

NBD, right? There are toll bridges throughout the nation, consisting of 3 in Alabama.

Incorrect! Somebody extremely opposed to the concept has actually sent out not one however 2 confidential e-mails to legislators asserting that if state staff members would certainly quit trolling for sex online they might locate a method to spend for the bridge that really did not entail billing vehicle drivers. records:

The e-mail sent out from “[email protected]” asserts that nude images of claimed state staff members are connected to why the state can not totally money the I-10 bridge linking Mobile and also Baldwin.

The team speculates that so state employees weren’t “investing state time and also sources sending out and also getting naked images and also looking for sex” the state might spend for the bridge.

According to the puzzling e-mail, “Our [the group’s] IT experts in the Block the Toll Team … has actually uncovered” sex-related solicitation throughout workplace hrs.

” The fact is we might have no tolls if state staff members were efficient and also not investing state time and also sources sending out and also getting naked images and also looking for sex,” the e-mail affirms.

A 2nd e-mail asserts that a person state employee specifically has actually been uploading on a gay dating website, which is also extra opprobrious, because this is Alabama we’re discussing.

” Exactly how can the state fee a toll if they can not regulate state staff members surfing dating and also sex websites?” the e-mail checks out.

The sender asserts to have actually gotten the info from information swiped from a specific state firm’s computer system; nonetheless, a forensic move of the firm’s web servers discovered that none of its computer systems were not endangered which accusations were incorrect.

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