Entertainment : This millennial politician doesn’t believe in LGBTQ rights because his BFF is gay… Wait, what?

Home entertainment: This millennial political leader does not count on LGBTQ civil liberties due to the fact that his BFF is gay … Wait, what?

Bobby Jeffries lately released a project to test four-term incumbent UNITED STATE Rep. Scott Perry for the Republican election to main Pennsylvania’s 10 th Legislative Area.

” I am a Trump advocate,” Jeffries boasts to the Pennsylvania Resources Celebrity in a brand-new meeting. “I was a very early Trump advocate. I have actually sustained the head of state since he boiled down the escalator in Trump Tower.”

28- year-old Jeffries wants to be the brand-new Millennial voice of the Republican celebration … by remaining to throw up the GOP’s old ideas on, well, practically every little thing, however particularly when it pertains to LGBTQ concerns.

Asked whether he believes Trump’s remarks concerning African countries being “sh * thole nations,” was racist, and also Jeffries, that appears to have a significant straight young boy crush on JFK, Jr. and also extols cleaning his butt with Hillary Clinton bathroom tissue, responds: “There’s absolutely nothing racist concerning that.”

Inquired about environment modification, and also he takes place some unassociated tangent concerning UNITED STATE Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, implicating her of palling about with “extreme socialists” and also lately releasing participants of a “residential terrorist team” that presented some kind of counter objection in Boston.

” I presume there was a straight satisfaction ceremony?” he states.

And also when asked if he would certainly sustain a regulation that makes discrimination versus LGBTQ individuals prohibited, Jeffries states he’s “not actually a follower” of those kind of regulations. You understand, the kind that assure equal rights for all.

He takes place to state that gays have actually “currently achieved” lots with the flow of same-sex marital relationship2015 That should suffice, should not it? And also, anyhow, does discrimination also exists any longer?

” Millennials, we do not care concerning that sort of things,” Jefferies insists. “We do not care what you appear like. We do not care that you determine to visit bed with. Those are … boomer constructs. We do not care concerning those.”

After that, to verify his factor that LGBTQ individuals have actually come to be completely incorporated in culture and also no more encounter any kind of kind of discrimination or obstacles, he states: “I have relative. My buddy, a man that helps my project, is a gay man.”

Honors his heart.

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