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The Monster of St. Pauli

Fatih Akin
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Age: 47 years old

Born in: Hamburg, Germany
Born on: 08/25/1973


Fatih Akin is born the August 25, 1973 in Hamburg from a Turkish family who migrated to Germany during the 1960s. Germany in the early Eighties is still highly tolerant of foreigners and Hamburg is one of the cities with a massive presence of families of foreign origins, it is precisely the tension between Germans and “non” Germans that pushes the young Fatih to join in age adolescent to street gangs, with whom he often commits acts of urban violence. To save him from a future as a hooligan, his mother intervenes and his passion for writing, so he begins to write stories and screenplays, which, although short, are a good exercise for his future career. After graduating, he worked as a lighting technician on some sets and in 1994 began studying visual communication in Hamburg, the year in which he came into contact with the Wueste Filmproduktion, the production company that will accompany him in the realization of his first works.

It is also thanks to the latter that his short films come to light, Sensin – Du bist es! (1995), with which Akin wins the Audience Award at the Kurzfilm Festival, e Getürkt (1996). La Wueste will also produce its debut film, Kurz und schmerzlos (1998), a dramatic comedy that earned him a bronze Leopard at the Locarno Festival, a Bavarian Film Award for directing and other prizes. Akin’s modus operandi is seen as a new way of making Turkish-German cinema, which is acclaimed by critics, as well as Im Juli (2000), his second effort halfway between a road movie and a romantic film. Subsequently Ralph Schwingel, eager to entrust the project to someone directly affected by immigration, proposes him to make a film based on the screenplay of Ruth Toma concerning the history of some Italian immigrants in Germany, this is how it was born Solino (2002). Shot in Puglia between Lecce and Salento, the film sees in the cast actors both of Alemannic origin, as the protagonists Barnaby Metschurat is Moritz Bleibtreu, which Italians, including Antonella Attili is Vincent Schiavelli. Solino marks Akin’s umpteenth success in his homeland, winning silver at the Gilde Film Award for Best German Film and a nomination for the German Film Award.

In truth, the real consecration for the director comes in 2004 with The Turkish bride, with which he collected prizes by winning the Golden Bear in Berlin, the European Film Award and the Goya Award for Best Film, as well as other awards. It is the story of a Turkish-German woman who chooses to live her life as she wants, chosen, however, for which she will have to fight hard until she realizes that sometimes love gives way to pain. Welcomed amidst the cheers of the critics, Akin decides to start a trilogy about love, death and the devil with The Turkish Bride, of which they will be part On the edge of Paradise (2006), a crossroads of lives of people who will find their meeting point in death that will be awarded for the screenplay both at the Cannes Film Festival and at the European Film Awards, and The father (2014), presented at the Venice Film Festival, has as its main theme the Armenian genocide and the journey – also interior – that a surviving father will have to face to find his daughters, encountering angelic and demonic figures.

In 2005 he took part as a screenwriter in Kebab Connection and turns Crossing The Bridge – The Sound of Istanbul, a documentary presented out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival that crosses the music scene of the Turkish capital. In 2009 he is at the Venice Film Festival with Soul Kitchen (2009), a comedy full of unexpected events with which he won the Silver Lion, and collaborates with the episode Chinatown to the collective film New York, I Love You, composed of different segments each set on a neighborhood of the Big Apple and all centered on the theme of love. While working On the Edge of Paradise, Akin begins planning the documentary Der Müll im Garten Eden (2012) – which will be screened at the 65th edition of the Cannes Film Festival – on the landfill that the Turkish state has decided to open in the place of origin of his family, Çamburnu. Akin returns to triumph again, first with Goodbye Berlin (2016), which, although it was praised by critics, remained very confined to Germany, then in 2018 with a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film, with Beyond the night (2017), a dramatic thriller about a woman’s frantic search for justice, starring Diane Kruger, whose husband and child were unjustly taken.


The Monster of St. Pauli

The Monster of St. Pauli (Der Goldene Handschuh)

Role: Film director
Year: 2019

Beyond the Night

Beyond the Night (Aus dem Nichts)

Role: Film director
Year: 2017

Goodbye Berlin

Goodbye Berlin (Tschick)

Role: Film director
Year: 2016

The father

The Father (The Cut)

Role: Film director
Year: 2014 Go to the complete Filmography


Drama: 48% Comedy: 16% Documentary: 12% Horror: 6%


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Cannes Film Festival

Here are all the awards and nominations Cannes Film Festival

  • 2007 – Best screenwriter award for On the edge of paradise

Silver Ribbons

Here are all the awards and nominations Silver Ribbons

  • 2005 – Nomination for Best Foreign Film Director for The Turkish Bride

European Film Awards

Here are all the awards and nominations European Film Awards

  • 2007 – Best Screenplay Award for At the Edge of Paradise
  • 2007 – Nomination for Best Director for …

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