Finn Wittrock to helm new ‘Green Lantern’ series starring gay superhero

Ratched and Judy star Finn Wittrock has landed a starring role in the new HBO series Max Green Lantern Corps. The series will feature the Cosmic Green Lantern Police Force at the DCEU.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Wittrock will play Green Lantern Guy Gardner, one of the show’s frontrunners. In the comics, Gardner is a hyper-masculine, somewhat militant addition to the body. The outlet also reports that executive producer Greg Berlanti personally discussed the casting of Wittrock with Ratched producer Ryan Murphy. Apparently, the two shows won’t overlap in production, allowing Wittrock to star in both.

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“Green Lantern reinvents classic DC ownership through a story spanning decades and galaxies, beginning on Earth in 1941 with the very first Green Lantern, secretly gay FBI agent Alan Scott, and in 1984, with the alpha male. arrogant Guy Gardner and the half-alien Bree Jarta, ”reads the show’s official description. “They will be joined by a host of other Lanterns – from comic book favorites to never-before-seen heroes.”

The Hollywood Reporter also reveals that another unidentified actor is close to closing a deal to play Alan Scott, Earth’s First Lantern. In the comics, Scott is portrayed as an older gay man who acts as a mentor to the rest of the Earthen Green Lanterns. A casting announcement is expected in the near future.

Greg Berlanti, Seth Grahame-Smith and Marc Guggenheim will write and produce the series, with Grahame-Smith working as showrunner. The series – considered one of the most expensive in television history – has not announced a start date.

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