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Gabriele Muccino
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Age: 53 years old
Height: 183 cm
Born in: Rome Italy
Born on: 20/05/1967


Son of RAI executive Luigi Muccino and costume designer, as well as painter, Antonella Cappuccio, Gabriele Muccino is born the May 20, 1967 in Rome, where he spent his youth and his training period. After abandoning his university studies – he attended the Faculty of Letters at the University of La Sapienza – he enrolled at the Cinecittà Experimental Center of Cinematography with a specialization in directing. The first years of his career see him busy with docu-fiction, made for docu-reality Last minute on Rai 3, which, although they are far from the genre with which it will then be framed, are a significant experience for the director, who in recent years has experimented a lot to outline his own personal style. After the fifth edition of Ultimo Minuto, Muccino flies to Africa to shoot documentaries on the savannah, another experience that intimately marks him.

Returning from the African continent, he is ready to detach himself from the reporting imprint of the documentary to orient himself towards cinema and he does so first with the creation of a short film, Giulia and I (1997), whose protagonists are Gabriele Corsi is Stefania Rocca. This initial work is nothing more than a preview, a sort of trailer for what will be his first film, done (1998), where actors at the time take part in their first experiences, but today known to the Italian public, including Claudio Santamaria, Giorgio Pasotti is Barbara Bobulova. The comedy, originally conceived for TV, will instead be released in theaters and presented at the Torino Film Festival, where it is awarded as Best Film in the Youth Cinema section. It is an excellent debut for Muccino, but not yet a triumphal one and, while waiting to conceive a new brilliant idea for the next screenplay, he ventures into the direction of commercials for well-known brands, some of which become small cinematic jewels, such as the short film. She Was Here, made for Lancia and inspired by The sweet life (1960).

In 1999 the epiphany arrives, he writes the screenplay together with his brother Silvio, who will make his debut as an actor, of Like you no one ever from a semi-biographical idea, dealing with the comedy of a group of youngsters from a Roman high school. The film is a success, both the screenplay at the Brussels International Film Festival and the soundtrack at the Film Festival are awarded, bringing home numerous other awards, and inaugurates one of the typical practices of the director: in Come you no one ever, in fact, he appears briefly in the character of Matteo (Pasotti), protagonist of Muccino’s first work, who will often contaminate his works with hints of his other works.

After giving a boost to his career with a comedy whose protagonists were high school students taken by the two biggest problems in the life of every teenager, school and love, the Roman director turns his gaze elsewhere, in search of something more adult and more sentimentally dramatic, with The last Kiss (2001), a desperate mixture of lives, couples, lovers and betrayals. His third effort is a triumph and immediately takes root in the collective imagination, thanks to both the large cast of actors, of which Stefano Accorsi, Giovanna Mezzogiorno is Pierfrancesco Favino these are just some of the many well-known names, and I also deserve the numerous awards won, such as five David di Donatello (he had been nominated in ten categories) and three Silver Ribbons (again nominated in seven sections). On the wave of success and with a David as Best Director, Gabriele Muccino achieves notoriety not only in Italy, but also abroad, so much so that The Last Kiss is also presented at the Sundance Film Festival, (where he wins the Audience Award ), and is included by Entertainment Weekly among the ten best films of the year and is even made a Hollywood remake, The Last Kiss (2006), of which Muccino is one of the producers.

Continuing in the same vein as the previous one, in 2003 it comes out Remember me, which brings back his brother Silvio together with Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Laura Morante is Monica Bellucci. Here too Muccino’s predilection for self-quotation returns with a return of surnames (Silvio’s character has the same surname he had in Come te niente mai) and also of the names of the protagonists, Carlo and Giulia, like those of The Last kiss. The film focuses this time on a family with its latent and shattered dreams and desires, all seasoned against a backdrop where marital betrayal could only be present. Remember me is positively received, receives many nominations, including ten for the David – of which he wins nothing – and four wins at the Silver Ribbons.

Established star in the Italian cinema scene, with a name that has an echo even overseas, Muccino lands in Hollywood to direct his next two films: The pursuit of happiness (2006) and Seven souls (2008), both starring Will Smith and crossed by a deep dramatic vein. The first is a biographical account of the life of the American businessman Chris Gardner, who fell into poverty with his son during the 1980s; the second, on the other hand, is the spasmodic search by a man of seven to be saved in order to redeem himself. While The Pursuit of Happiness receives acclaim, especially thanks to Smith’s interpretation of being nominated for an Oscar, Seven Souls does not replicate the same result, resulting in a greater presence of negative judgments.

After the Hollywood adventure, Muccino returns to Italy determined to direct the sequel to The Last Kiss, thus it comes out in 2010 kiss Me again, in which most of the first to cast returns with the replacement of the Mezzogiorno with Vittoria Puccini for the character of Giulia. With this cult following, Muccino is back on the crest of the wave with nominations for both the David and the Silver Ribbon and, mindful of his American period, he inserts in the film a tribute to Smith with the scene in which two characters watch on TV I’m legend (2007). Two years later the director is back in the States, this time for comedy What I know about love (2012) with Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurman is Dennis Quaid, all engaged between football and love; pity that even this experience does not reach the desired results, confirming itself as a flop; follows the same fate Fathers and daughters (2015) with protagonists Russell Crowe is Amanda Seyfried.

Back in his homeland again, Muccino draws inspiration from the single by Jovanotti to turn Summer on me (2016), a comedy that seems to retrace the director’s early works with high school characters set in the summer carefree nature of a trip to America; an itinerary that also retraces with references, in fact, the surnames already used previously return. The film flies low, does not stand out and remains on a very discreet line compared to the previous Italians. The 2018 sees Muccino engaged in a new work, comes out in theaters At home everyone is fine, a family drama that once again sees Accorsi and Favino among the protagonists, accompanied by Carolina Crescentini, Claudia Gerini and many others.

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The best years

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