Gay Gasp: Is Cher heading for ‘Drag Race? ”

The Oscar-winning actress, Grammy-winning singer and awesome Cher icon just teased her potential next project: a visit to the set of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

As a gay icon, Drag Race producers and fans have long hungry for Cher to appear on the show as a guest judge. Several queens even dressed up as a singer as part of their celebrity impersonation pickup. So far, however, Cher has resisted calls for her to make an appearance.

That could be about to change. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cher admits that she is aware of fan demand for her to visit Drag Race, and will consider it in the near future.

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“I’m going to have to go there at some point,” Cher said, admitting she knew the “incredible” desire to see her on the show. She also added that her long-standing friendship with host RuPaul only added to the incentive.

“I know him since a long time. He’s such a cool guy, ”Cher says of RuPaul“ I would think about it! I’ve watched it…. He’s smart and I love him. He’s the coolest guy ever. What he was able to do is incredible.

Cher’s appearance on Drag Race would follow in her family’s footsteps; her son Chaz Bono and mother Georgia Holt have previously appeared on the show.

In the same interview, Cher also revealed that she is working on a new album. Fans can see her next in the documentary Cher & the Loneliest Elephant premiering on Paramount + on April 22.

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