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Geraldine Chaplin
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Age: 76 years old
Height: 165 cm
Born in: Santa Monica, California, USA
Born on: 07/31/1944


Geraldine Chaplin, born Geraldine Leigh Chaplin, was born on July 31, 1944 in Santa Monica, California, by the slapstick comedy actor Charlie Chaplin and his third wife, the actress Oona O’Neill. The lineage of Geraldine, however, is even more artistic, the grandparents, in fact, were the singer Charles Chaplin Sr. and the actress, dancer and singer Hannah Chaplin on his father’s side, while his mother’s parents were the playwright and Nobel laureate Eugene O’Neill and the pulp writer Agnes Boulton. During a stay in Europe in 1952, during the persecutions of McCarthyism, the father is accused of favoring communism and the entire family is forbidden to return to the USA. This is how the Chaplins moved to Switzerland, where at the age of eight Geraldine began attending local schools that allow her to learn French and Spanish, even fluently. At seventeen, Geraldine abandoned her studies to devote herself to dance and moved to England to study ballet at the Royal Ballet School.

Later she lands in Paris to perform professionally, but the young woman knows she is not fully inclined to dance and that the dancing career is not for her, so, disappointed in herself, she decides to give up her dream of becoming a dancer. In the French capital, Geraldine finds another job outlet, that of fashion, although it is more a job than a passion. Yet this opportunity in the fashion world allows her to be noticed by David Lean, who wants it there Doctor Živago (1965) in the role of the protagonist’s wife, played by Omar Sharif. Although for Chaplin this was not the first approach to cinema, having already acted in it The limelight (1952) by her father, is something of a triumphal debut that allows her to win a Golden Globe nomination for Best Debut Actress. In a subsequent interview she will admit that her surname has opened her career doors, which is undoubted, but it was her acting skills that guaranteed her a thriving career over time.

Subsequently it is directed by Jacques Deray in Robbery in the sun (1965) with Jean-Paul Belmondo and as a protagonist from Nelo Risi in We will go to town (1966). In 1967 he met what would become his long-term partner, the Spanish director Carlos Saura, with whom he establishes a long collaboration, which began with the psychological thriller Mint milkshake (1967) and immediately followed by The den (1969) and The garden of delights (1970). The 70s saw her engaged in other important partnerships, such as the one with Richard Lester neither The Three Musketeers (1973) and the sequel Milady (1974), where is Queen Anne of Austria, but also with Robert Altman, with whom he works for the first time in Nashville (1975) as BBC reporter Opal (receiving a Golden Globe nomination) and later in Buffalo Bill and the Indians (1976) and A wedding (1978). With Saura, on the other hand, he brings to the big screen Cría cuervos (1976), Elisa, vida mia (1977), finishing their work together with Mamà turns 100 in 1979, the year of the breakup of their sentimental relationship. The 1970s also gave her a BAFTA Award nomination with Welcome to Los Angeles (1976) and critical acclaim for the lead role in Remember my name (1978), both of Alan Rudolph.

In a 1977 interview with The New York Times, Chaplin recounts how her career has been launched more in Europe than in the US, despite the readmission of her family to the States, noting that the few American directors to work with her in this period are Altman and James Ivory, with whom he had filmed Roseland (1977). This trend line is also confirmed in the following decade, which sees her more involved in French roles with Claude Lelouch in Bolero (1981), Alain Resnais neither Life is a novel (1983) and Jacques Rivette neither Love in pieces (1984). The 1980s bring to light the second sequel The return of the three musketeers (1989) by Lester and a new film with Rudolph, Moderns (1988), set in 1920s Paris. He later receives a role in Charlot (1992), bio-pic about her father, in which the actress plays her grandmother, Hannah Chaplin, winning a Golden Globe nomination.

Work with Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer is Winona Ryder neither The age of innocence (1993) by Martin Scorsese and with Charlotte Gainsbourg is William Hurt in Jane Eyre (1996) of Franco Zeffirelli. In recent years to give her more prestige there is also TV, which sees her busy on the set of the miniseries Gulliver’s Travels (1996) as Empress Munodi and dell ‘Odyssey (1997) as the nurse Euriclea. In the television sector, the end of the 90s saw Chaplin set up a religious-themed partnership with the director Kevin Connor, who will want her in the lead role in the show Mother Teresa (1997), in the role of Mary’s cousin, Elisabetta, in Jesus (1999) and Jochebed, mother of Moses, in the miniseries In the Beginning – In the beginning was (2000). The new millennium opens with the victory of the Goya Award as Miglor supporting actress for En la ciudad sin límites (2002) of Antonio Hernández; the latter, however, is not the only Spanish director he worked with in the 2000s, because also Pedro Almodóvar he wants it in the dramatic Talk to her (2002). A period in which Chaplin takes part in several horror films begins with the 2000s, in which she mainly plays the role of medium: The Orphanage (2007) of Juan Antonio Bayona, BloodRayne (2005) of Uwe Bull is Wolfman (2010) by Joe Johnston; while with Imago mortis (2008) gets the chance to play alongside her daughter for the first time Oona Chaplin.

With a long and thriving career behind her, the actress certainly has no problems with recruiting, even if it was Europe that offered her more opportunities at the beginning of her profession and Europe still remains the country that allows her to work with more consistency, not hesitating to paint roles increasingly suited to her age on her. She is, in fact, the grandmother of two sexually uninhibited characters in dramatically erotic Melissa P. (2005) of Luca Guadagnino is Valérie – Diary of a nymphomaniac (2008). Having previously worked with her several times, JA Bayona is writing for the sequel Jurassic World – The destroyed kingdom (2018).

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