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But what sign is 6?

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Height: 187 cm
Born in: Rome Italy
Born on: 02/11/1940
Dies at: Rome Italy
He dies on: 02/11/2020


Gigi Proietti, in the registry office Luigi, is born to Rome on November 2, 1940 from a family of modest origins. After having undertaken law studies, he understands that his true vocation is that of the artist; initially, in fact, he performed singing and playing the guitar in parties and clubs to pay for his studies, but the encounter with the theatrical scene in the university context began to bring his actoriality to the stages.

During the first years it was then divided between the theater-cabaret, the theater-cellar, the Stabile di Roma and the Stabile dell’Aquila, the Experimental Group 101; this is the period in which the theater shapes him, molds him, allowing him to wear different masks.

From the theater show to acting in front of the camera, however, the step is short and, after the first minor roles, he made his debut on the big screen with The pleasant nights in 1966 in the prophetic role of Marshal Mario Di Colli; from here he will begin to play increasingly important roles, up to that of the protagonist The Scream of Tinto Brass in 1968. The film was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and only two years later Proietti found himself replacing Domenico Modugno in Alleluja Good peopleby Garinei and Giovannini, a comedy that allows him to establish himself definitively.

At the same time, he also measured himself with TV and continued to carry out his theatrical commitment together with the Experimental Group, staging great classics such as “Il Mercante di Venezia”, ​​”Il Misantropo” and slightly more recent plays, including “La cena delle beffe “where he reads next to Carmelo Bene is Vittorio Gassman. The Roman artist is considered one of the most promising theatrical actors on the Italian scene, but Proietti is constantly evolving and tries to affirm his skills also by directing himself, starting a fruitful collaboration with Roberto Lerici, with which he staged his most famous shows, such as My eyes, please (1976), As I like (1983) and many others who have more than positive feedback. These successes give him the opportunity to highlight his acting skills in monologues and imitations, further confirming those already known as an entertainer and singer.

The 70s are a period of full ferment in which he is engaged on several fronts and plays with cinema greats, in fact he finds himself several times collaborating with Ugo Tognazzi, comedy is an example Casotto (1977) by Sergio Citti, where the scene next to Franco Citti and a very young girl Jodie Foster. It measures itself with multiple genres, ranging from comedy to drama to sexy comedy, such as I will be her father (1974) and It is better to make love well (1975). His skill is also noted abroad, where he plays small roles in some works by Lumet, Altman, Ted Kotcheff is Bertand Tarvenier.

1976 consecrates him as a star of Italian comedy, thanks to the interpretation in Horse fever of Steno of the character of Mandrake, a wearer with a gambling habit. At first the film is classified as a non-original work and does not receive a great success, during the 80s onwards, however, it enjoys a rediscovery, becoming one of the cult movies of Italian cinema. From here on, the actor became one of the best-known television faces present in the homes of Italians between the 1970s and 1980s, conducting various varieties, including Saturday evening from nine and ten is Facts and deeds.

Having now reached a complete formation, he assumes the artistic direction of Brancaccio Theater in Rome, where he founded his workshop for aspiring actors, forming among many also famous faces of today’s cinema and TV: Flavio Insinna, Giorgio Tirabassi, Enrico Brignano, Paola Tiziana Cruciani, Gabriele Cirilli.

The 90s seem to mark the decline of Proietti in cinema, the actor focuses more on the theater and the small screen, enjoying success both as a variety TV presenter and as an interpreter of the TV series of Giorgio Capitani, especially the acclaimed Marshal Rocca, in which the actor plays again the role of a marshal, as in the beginning, in his professional and sentimental vicissitudes.

Gigi Proietti in the new millennium returns to the cinema and returns again in the role of another character dear to him, if not “the” character most dear to the Roman interpreter: that of Bruno Fioretti, alias Mandrake, in the sequel Horse fever – La mandrakata (2002), directed by Carlo Vanzina, son of Steno. In the same year the new interpretation of Mandrake makes him win the Silver Ribbon, but the sequel also marks the beginning of a partnership with Carlo Vanzina under the banner of Italian comedy; These are the years in which the Roman actor amuses the Italians with films such as Jokes (2004), A summer by the sea (2008), A summer in the Caribbean (2009) and Life is a wonderful thing (2010). Riding the wave of laughter, he continues to cover comic roles even outside the collaboration with Vanzina, with Everyone to the sea in 2011, remake of Casotto, is Box Office 3D – The movie of the movies (2011) by and with Ezio Greggio, up to the cinepanettone But what sign is 6? (2014) with Massimo Boldi is Vincenzo Salemme. In 2017 he is among the protagonists of The prize, second film from director of Alessandro Gassmann.

On the television front he still tries his hand at TV series, even going beyond comedy, such as the interpretation of San Filippo Neri in I prefer paradise, which has a large following. The television personality of Gigi Proietti, however, does not end here and his cabaret streak continues to be still fully active, in fact, he is summoned as a judge in the talent The track is Such and Which Show in 2014 and 2016, while at the beginning of 2017 it is in prime time with Battle horses, a variety that brings his own sketches and those of his guests to the small screen.

Among the various artistic attitudes of the actor there is also one of great importance, namely that of a voice actor. He approaches cinema first as a voice than as an interpreter, dubbing great faces and great characters throughout his career, starting from Sylvester the Cat for Warner Bros. to stars of the caliber of Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Richard Burton, Dustin Hoffman is Marlon Brando, as well as Ian McKelllen in the long beard of Gandalf in the trilogy de The Hobbit.

The creative vein of Gigi Proietti also touches literature, he has two writings in his hand: an autobiography, “All in all, something I remember”, and a collection of short stories entitled “Decamerino. Stories behind the scenes ”, a small collection of anecdotes born in the dressing rooms and behind the scenes of his shows.

But what sign is 6?

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