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The Great Leap

Giorgio Tirabassi
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Age: 61 years old
Height: 175 cm
Born in: Rome Italy
Born on: 01/02/1960


Giorgio Tirabassi was born in Rome on 1 February 1960 and since he was very young he has cultivated a passion for acting, which has allowed him to overcome his great shyness. Having abandoned the dream of becoming a physical education teacher, the young Tirabassi began performing in small Roman clubs or in avant-garde theaters. It is during one of these evenings in 1982 that Gigi Proietti he notices him and offers him to join his theater company, in which he will remain for nine years. During this period Giorgio refines his technique and develops his skills, but in these years he also made his debut in cinema and on TV covering small roles in films of various genres. After Magic Moments (1984) by Luciano Odorisio, the actor is divided between stage, large and small audience.

These parts allow him to compete with great actors, such as Giancarlo Giannini in Snack bar Budapest (1987), Marcello Mastroianni in Towards evening (1990) or Nino Manfredi in A commissioner in Rome (1992). If in 1994 he is just one of the maladjusted boys who work alongside Giampiero Lisarelli neither The pack of Marco Risi, two years later he received his first starring role in At the center of the penalty area (1996), which will be followed by the collective film Stellar shorts (1997). A year full of commitments follows for Tirabassi, who in 1997 is at the cinema with Il carniere, The first extract, Class is not water is The smell of the night, films that begin to fuel the popularity of the Roman actor and put him in the spotlight. 1998, however, is the year in which all the intense work of the previous period culminates with the entry into the cast of Last, a highly successful detective miniseries with Raoul Bova. Giorgio in the role of Marshal Giovanni Giorgio Sarubbi known as “Shadow” will also be present in the sequels Last – The challenge (1999) and Last – The Infiltrator (2004). But 1998 is also the year in which Tirabassi meets Ettore Scola, who directs it ne Dinner (1998), where he stars alongside Fanny Ardant is Vittorio Gassman.

The turning point in his career comes with Police District (2000), a successful series that will keep Tirabassi busy for six seasons in the role of one of the protagonists, the Chief Inspector of the State Police Roberto Ardenzi. In 2001 he ventured into directing with the short film Don’t say cat, to which various prizes are awarded, including the David di Donatello. Surely the role that required the actor a long study and intense preparation work is that of Paolo Borsellino in the 2004 miniseries of the same name, to which Giorgio is particularly fond. Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, director of the series on the Palermo judge, then directs Tirabassi also in the drama Don’t make plans tonight (2006), while on TV the participation in another series of great importance for his career arrives for the interpreter, Boris (2007), from which in 2011 thehomonym movie.

Later he is Prof. Cicerino in Mediaset’s teen-drama The high school students (2009), a light role that approaches the world of the youngest that shows the relationships between generations in today’s times. They follow to the cinema The black sheep (2010), in which he is the protagonist, and the comedy Stars sons (2010), where he plays a kidnapped undersecretary instead of a minister. Another light role is that of the cook Paolo Perrone, who in fiction Welcome to the table – North vs South (2012) moved from Cilento to Milan and found himself competing with the restaurateur Carlo Conforti, played by Fabrizio Bentivoglio. The role of Inspector Ardenzi in Mobile team (2015), a spin-off of the Police District focused on his character. In 2019 he is the protagonist together with Ricky Memphis de The Great Leap, a comedy directed by Tirabassi himself about two robbers who decide to plan a great coup to change their mediocre lives.

Another great passion of Giorgio Tirabassi is music, a fundamental element of many of his theatrical performances. Guitarist and later singer, blues enthusiast, the Roman actor has given life to some musical projects, “Come te I’amà”, dedicated to the Roman folk song, and “The three-fingered lightning bolt” on the life and music of Django Reinhardt .

The Great Leap

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The Great Leap

The Great Leap (The Great Leap)

Role: Film director
Year: 2019

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The Great Leap

The Great Leap (The Great Leap)

Role: Actor
Year: 2019

Despite the fog

Despite the fog

Role: Actor
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