Harry Potter stars react to Helen McCrory’s death

Harry Potter star Helen McCrory has died after a battle with cancer.

On April 16, McCrory’s husband Damian Lewis announced via social media that she had died at age 52. Fans may recognize her as Narcissa Malfoy, the mother of Draco Malfoy and wife of Lucius Malfoy, in the last three Harry Potter films.

Daniel Radcliffe, who has portrayed Harry Potter in all of the films, posted a statement on his website.

“I really couldn’t believe this news when I heard it,” he admitted. “Helen was one of the most amazing actors I have worked with on the Harry Potter films. She was effortlessly commanding and captivating as an actor, in addition to being kind, generous, and incredibly fun as a person. , she is one of the coolest people I have ever met, in the sense that I can never imagine her being restless or nervous, she always seemed totally confident of who she was and what she was. she was doing. wonderful person and will be sadly missed. “

Author JK Rowling paid tribute to Helen via Twitter and was devastated to learn of the ‘extraordinary actress’ passing. “A wonderful woman who left us far too soon,” she wrote. “My deepest condolences to her family, especially her husband and children. This is nothing short of heartbreaking news.”

Meanwhile, Tom Felton, who played Helen’s on-screen son Draco, revealed how much she meant to him.

“So sad to say goodbye so suddenly – I never took the opportunity to say it to her, but she helped shape me so much as a person – on and off screen,” he said. he writes. “She has always been relentless herself – a razor sharp mind – a silvery tongue – kind and warm – she did not suffer from fools but she had time for everyone – thank you for having lit the way forward and hold my hand when I needed it. “

Jason Isaacs, McCrory’s “Harry Potter Husband,” who played Lucius, wrote a letter about his talent and personality.

“Decades ago Helen and I auditioned for a movie together. I came home and said to [my wife] Emma [Hewitt] “I think I just met the greatest actress I have ever seen,” Isaacs said. “After years of watching his audiences mesmerize, I don’t think… I know it anymore.”

“As constantly star-struck as I was in the Harry Potter movies, being married onscreen and [giggling] with the great Helen McCrory will always be a highlight, ”he continued. “His proudest achievement, however, was building and loving the family that was his foundation. They have lost so much and I send all my love to Damian and the children. “

Discover all the reactions of his family from the wizarding world below.

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