Iggy Azalea Launches Green Hair To Tease Upcoming New Music

Iggy Azalea is now wearing a lime green bob!

On Wednesday March 31, Azalea shared a photo of her new locks on Instagram. “Sip it & Brazil this Friday wooooo !!!” she captioned the snapshot, referring to her upcoming “Sip It” singles with Tyga and “Brazil”.

Azalea teased fans with promotional photos on her social media with the same green tint. She will release both singles on Friday (April 2).

Azalea recently revealed the inspiration behind the title “Brazil”. She tweeted: “Haha it’s called Brazil because the beat is on like f – k … and every time I’ve visited Brazil it’s the most hyped crowd! Brazilians know how to go wild and have fun at a concert. reference. “

A day before her new hair was revealed, fans wondered if she had shaved her head after posting a series of photos of herself wearing a Juicy Couture bikini. The first pic is crazy, looks like she shaved her head, sending fans into the comments section in a frenzy. Once fans slipped onto the second image, they were greeted with another image that featured a slicked back ponytail that was there the entire time.

The “Fancy” rapper is known to have changed her hair. She was primarily blonde but experimented with other colors like red, blue, yellow, pink, and purple.

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