Internet has canceled “MAY!” From Justin Timberlake meme and given to someone more deserving

Tomorrow is May 1, which means * NSYNC’s iconic Justin Timberlake meme singing “It’s Gonna Be MAY!” should recirculate like every year.

But not if Britney Spears fans have anything to do with it.

Timberlake received negative reviews in February after documentary Framing Britney Spears portrayed him as a total jerk.

The film offered a sympathetic look at the pop princess’s career, her mental health issues, how she was portrayed in the media, and how Timberlake shamelessly used her to further her own career after their breakup. in 2002.

Shortly after it aired, Timberlake made a statement apologizing to Spears and saying he was “deeply sorry” for making everyone believe she was not good, dirty, cheating and promise to “do better” in the future.

As for the public apology, it wasn’t bad. In fact, some might go so far as to say it was sincere and sincere. The problem is, it came about 19 years too late. And now that it will be May, Britney fans are making sure Justin stays canceled.

How do we spoof the j * stin t * mberlake meme and talk about it about Britney (you know, like how he spoofed his entire career)

– Honky Tonk Ground Liver (@ManderLemon) April 30, 2021

Support this i want it a little viral sorry even though i didn’t tweet it we have to replace the Justin Timberlake it’s gonna be May meme ??

– Brody? (@britmebaby) April 30, 2021

For my part, I don’t think Justin Timberlake should show his face

– hunter harris (@hunteryharris) April 26, 2021

? Love the way the internet unilaterally rejected the Justin Timberlake “May” meme and replaced it with a Britney meme, I’ve seen two before, love this

– Mere Smith (@EvilGalProds) April 30, 2021

If Justin Timberlake was never linked to Britney, he wouldn’t have a career after Inthesink or whatever their name is.

– oops i- era flop (@blondekneestan) April 30, 2021

I hate Justin Timberlake so I did this to replace the stupid ‘gonna be May’ meme – you are welcome worldwide

– cathy * acab forever * humes (@CrappyFumes) April 30, 2021

But the bad news for Timberlake doesn’t end there. Because according to several media, the producers of Framing Britney Spears are working on another documentary.

This one is said to be about Janet Jackson’s infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime show when he ripped her shirt off and exposed her left breast to the world.

“It will all depend on the fallout and the costumes that fucked Janet [at] Viacom, ”a source said. “They are aimed at everyone involved: dancers, stylists, directors. Everyone.”

Justin might want to start writing his next apology because we have a feeling he will need it.

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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