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Is Alejandro Fernandez sick?

Alejandro Fernández has tested positive for COVID-19. The 49-year-old ranchero singer revealed his diagnosis while accepting the Icon Award at the 2021 Latin American Music Awards on Thursday. … As many of you might know, I tested positive for COVID.

Also, Why does Alejandro Fernandez look old?

The doctor said that Alejandro got a facial rhytidectomy, also known as facelift. … The surgeon added that it looks like the singer also got a hair transplant, dyed it, and maybe even got laser treatment to make his face look even younger.

in the same way, What is wrong with Alejandro Fernandez?

Alejandro Fernandez Recovering From Gangrene

The singer checked himself into a medical facility in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last week (ends03Jun16) and rumours subsequently suggested he needed urgent treatment after being attacked by a jaguar.

likewise,  How is Vicente Fernández doing now? MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Almost three weeks after being hospitalized due to a fall, legendary Mexican ranchera singer Vicente Fernández remains in an intensive care unit, now diagnosed with a syndrome that affects the nerves, causing immobility in a person’s extremities and weakening their respiratory health.

Who is the most popular Mexican singer?

With an HPI of 67.35, Vicente Fernández is the most famous Mexican Singer. His biography has been translated into 26 different languages on wikipedia. Vicente “Chente” Fernández Gómez (born 17 February 1940) is a Mexican retired singer, actor, and film producer.

When did Camila Fernandez get married?

She has been married to Francisco Barba since August 1, 2020.

Is Alejandro Fernandez Mexican?

Born on April 24, 1971, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Fernández is the son of ranchera icon Vicente Fernández, which inspired the media to nickname him “El Potrillo” (the Little Colt).

How much money does Vicente Fernandez make?

As of 2021, Vicente Fernandez net worth is estimated to be around $25 million . During his star-studded career, Vicente garnered the nickname El Ídolo de México which translates to The Idol of Mexico.

Vicente Fernandez Net Worth: How Rich is the Mexican Singer?

Full Name Vicente Fernández Gómez
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $25 million

• 13 août 2021

Is Luis Miguel a Spaniard?

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri (born 19 April 1970) is a Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer, often referred to as El Sol de México (The Sun of Mexico), which is the nickname his mother gave him as a child—”mi sol”.

Is Vicente Fernandez in the ICU?

The singer is currently on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. Fernandez is 81. His accomplishments are too numerous to list, but he owns eight Latin Grammy awards.

How old is Antonio Aguilar?

MEXICO CITY, June 20 — Antonio Aguilar, the film star and ranchera singer who was considered the undisputed master of his genre for decades, died here on Tuesday. He was 88.

Who is the #1 Latin artist in the world?

Enrique Iglesias will be recognized as Billboard’s Top Latin Artist of All-Time. Thanks to his incredible achievements on the Latin music charts, the Spanish superstar will receive the honor at this week’s Billboard Latin Music Awards.

What Mexican singer died?

Chalino Sánchez

Chalino Sanchez
Died 16 May 1992 (aged 31) Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico
Cause of death Gunshot wound to the head
Burial place Panteón de Los Vasitos Culiacán, Sinaloa
Occupation Singer songwriter

Who is the richest actor in Mexico?

Michael Peña Net Worth: $12M

A Mexican-American actor with nearly 100 film and television credits to his name, Michael Peña has a seriously impressive resume. The Chicago native has appeared in a long list of critically acclaimed films, including “The Martian,” “American Hustle” and “Million Dollar Baby.”

Does Alejandro Fernandez speak English?

Alejandro Fernandez doesn’t really believe in the crossover. The Latin singing heartthrob has already established himself in this country as one of Mexico’s biggest recording artists, singing in a style known as ranchera. He’s also recorded pop ballads in Spanish, but never in English.

Is bad bunny rich?

As of 2021, Bad Bunny’s net worth is roughly $8 million. Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer from Puerto Rico. He is considered one of the pioneers of Latin trap music.

Is J Balvin rich?

Balvin is one of the best-selling Latin artists with more than 35 million sales worldwide. Early Life: J Balvin was born in Medellin, Colombia on May 7, 1985.

J Balvin Net Worth.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Profession: Singer

What happened with Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel?

Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel dated for 3 years

They broke up three years later. Though the relationship eventually came to an end, Carey doesn’t look back on the time with regret, and is grateful for her time with him. “It was all grand and exciting, but it was far from perfect,” she concluded.

How rich is Antonio Aguilar?

Antonio Aguilar net worth: Antonio Aguilar was a Mexican singer, actor, songwriter, film producer, screenwriter, and equestrian who had a net worth of $20 million at the time of his death.

How old is Flor Silvestre still alive?

Flor Silvestre
Died 25 November 2020 (aged 90 ) Villanueva, Zacatecas, Mexico
Occupation Singer actress equestrienne
Years active 1943–2020
Spouse(s) Andrés Nieto Paco Malgesto ( m. 1953; div. 1958) Antonio Aguilar ( m. 1959; died 2007)

Why are Mexican singers killed?

According to BBC, several of the murders of musicians over the past year are believed to be tied to organised crime and drug-trafficking. Alone in Mexico, more than 1,000 people are said to have been killed this year as drug cartel’s battles for territory and drug routes.

How old is Selena now?

“Her influence and relevance has only grown through the generations,” Suzette Quintanilla, Selena’s sister, told NBC. If she were still alive today, Selena would be 49 years old.

Why are Narcocorridos killed?

On 3 March 2017, Rolando Arellano Sánchez, a member of the narcocorrido band Contacto, was shot and killed by cartel members who were waiting for him outside the house of another member of the band in Tijuana city, reported Univision on 5 March 2017.

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