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Is Tasha pregnant on Power?

Looks like the cast of Power is getting a new addition! Singer and actress Naturi Naughton is expecting her first child with her longtime boyfriend Ben. She shared the first pictures with People Magazine.

second, Who is Tacha dating on Power?

Season One

Tasha is married to James St. Patrick, who is a drug dealer name Ghost. They both have three children together, and living in a penthouse.

accordingly, Who killed Tommy in power?

And Tommy is really gone—or, at least, gone from New York, after his hit on Tasha fails and Monet (Mary J Blige) put a gun to his head in a graveyard and forced him out of the city. Though Tommy is gone from NYC (and Power Book 2), he is not gone from the world of Power.

in addition,  Is Holly dead on power? Power is filled to the brim with brutal and unexpected deaths which have kept audiences hooked. One murder still shocking fans is the death of Holly Weaver (played by Lucy Walters), who was strangled to death by her boyfriend Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

Is Tasha from Ghost in 3LW?

Naughton starred in the Starz drama Power as Tasha St. Patrick and has reprised her role in the spin-off series Power Book II: Ghost.

Naturi Naughton
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter actress
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1999–2002 (3LW) 2009–present (solo)
Labels Epic Records (1999–2002)

Why does Tasha hate Kanan?

Tasha didn’t like having Kanan around her children and it could be because she didn’t want them or Ghost finding out the truth. It would also explain why she was so keen to see him framed and sent to prison.

Who killed Tariq?

Power Book II: Ghost’ Star Michael Rainey Jr. Explains Why Tariq ‘Had’ to Kill Jabari. One of the most shocking parts of Power Book II: Ghost so far is easily the murder of Jabari Reynolds. Played by Justin McManus, he was a professor at Stansfield University who developed an unhealthy obsession with Tariq St.

Does Tasha sleep with Tommy?

As he looks over, he notices Tasha didn’t sleep in the bed with him. And he still didn’t turn informer… but by the end of the episode, he’s definitely out of prison earlier than expected.

Is Tommy dead last of us 2?

Against his wishes, Maria lets Ellie use her horse, and even lets Ellie bring Dina with her to force Tommy to return home. … Tommy’s horse is killed in the skirmish but he escapes unharmed.

Is Tommy dead dream SMP?

Yesterday, however, there was actually an unexpected update regarding Tommy’s fate as he had suddenly tweeted that his beloved character has just died. … It was recently revealed by TommyInnit himself that his beloved character on the Dream SMP is now finally dead.

What happened to Tommy girlfriend in power?

After Tommy reveals James saved him from the Koreans, she became upset and revealed that she hired the assassins after James and Tariq. They get into a fight and she is strangled to death by Tommy in a fit of rage.

Who killed Kanan in power?

By the end of the episode, we learn why Lou Lou scooped D Wiz: to kill him. And of course Raq ordered the hit. No one is safe in the Power universe; it’s all a part of the game.

Who is Keisha in power?

Alani Nicole “La La” Anthony (née Vázquez) is an American television personality, author, businesswoman, producer and actress. In the early 2000s, Anthony worked as an MTV VJ on Total Request Live.


Year 2014–2020
Title Power
Role Lakeisha Grant
Main/Recurring Role

Is ghost still alive in Power Book 2?

Spin-off series Power Book II: Ghost saw Tariq attend his father’s funeral while his mother Tasha (Naturi Naughton) was jailed for his death. Viewers didn’t see Ghost’s body and for the funeral there was a closed casket which has prompted fans to believe the former king pin is still alive.

Is Tasha coming back to Power?

Neither the creators of the Power spin-off series or Naughton herself have confirmed if she will be returning to the drama. But creator Courtney Kemp has teased Tasha’s whereabouts is going to play a major part in Power Book II’s second season.

Who is the little girl with Tasha on Power?

Ghost and Tasha had a third child called Yasmine “Yaz” St Patrick who was there right from the beginning of Power, despite her few and far between appearances on the show. Yaz was originally played by Amya Tate but from season four onwards, actress Amaya Carr who is now around seven-years-old, took over the role.

Is Tariq Kanan son on power?

This time, the series follows 18-year-old Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), the son of the late James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and Tasha St. … Over the course of the first season of the show, Tariq has learned how similar he is to his father, but is Ghost actually Tariq’s birth father.

Why did Ghost and Tasha send Kanan to jail?

Kanan is Ghost’s former boss and mentor. He has been in prison for years because of a sketchy drug charge. He had once taken both Tommy and Ghost under his wing years ago and taught both of them everything they know.

How much older is Kanan than ghost?

Kemp also points out that the Kanan character is five years older than his eventual proteges/betrayers, and Power Book III takes place when the duo was still in elementary school. While urban dramas such as The Wire do explore kiddie crooks, this isn’t that show, she adds adamantly.

Why is Tariq St Patrick hated?

Hatred for Tariq stemmed from several plot lines in Power which saw him causing the death of his sister Raina (Donshea Hopkins), and disabling an alarm which helped a gun wielding Tommy (Joseph Sikora) kill his father’s lawyer Joe Proctor (Joey Ferrera).

Is Tariq Kanan son on Power?

This time, the series follows 18-year-old Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), the son of the late James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and Tasha St. … Over the course of the first season of the show, Tariq has learned how similar he is to his father, but is Ghost actually Tariq’s birth father.

Who was Tariq best friend?

Gianni Paolo as Brayden Weston, Tariq’s best friend and business partner.

Did ghost ever love Tasha?

From his actions, it appears Ghost never loved Tasha and kept cheating on her. Tasha also tried to find romance with Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) and told Ghost how her new beau loved her more than the drug dealer ever could.

How did Ghost and Tasha send Kanan to jail?

During this time, Kanan uses his son Shawn to kill Ghost. However, Shawn fails and Ghost sends him away. Kanan is later confronted by his son, to whom he admits to using him and then shoots, killing him. … That is when Kanan reveals to Tommy that Ghost and Tasha send him to Jail.

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