Ivanka has broken up with her father, seeks “less complicated life”, sources say

Ivanka Trump has never hesitated to cut her losses. Whether it’s ditching close friends, giving up her modeling career, or ditching her fashion line, she doesn’t seem to have a hard time letting go. Now she seems to be severing ties with her own father.

According to a dozen former Trump White House officials, family friends, acquaintances and other members of Trump’s klan, Ivanka is fed up with her father’s constant complaints about how the 2020 election were “stolen” from him (it wasn’t), how he should be “reinstated” as president in August (he won’t), and blah, blah, blah.

Two acquaintances tell CNN that the former first daughter wants a “less complicated life for her family” and has therefore “distanced herself” from her elderly father and his crazy behavior.

“They weren’t there for the usual spring and summer events in Mar-a-Lago,” a family friend said, noting the absence of Ivanka, Jared and their three children during the the recent celebration of Trump’s 75th birthday.

Another source says Ivanka & Co. have cut back on family visits. After spending almost every day together for the past five and a half years, they only see him “once every three or four weeks.”

Ivanka also neglected to wish her father a happy birthday or a happy father’s day on social media, which she has always done in recent years.

And then there’s her husband, Jared Kusher, who was Trump’s closest confidant in the White House. CNN reports that her presence in her stepfather’s life has become “increasingly rare” of late.

“He was a bit like a parent who stays less and less each morning as their child transitions to daycare,” said one person familiar with the situation.

One major problem appears to be Trump’s jealousy over Kushner allegedly signing a seven-figure book deal with Broadside Books, the conservative wing of HarperCollins, when he has yet to make a contract himself.

Vanity Fair reported last week that no major editor wanted to work with the ex-president, largely because fact-checking would be next to impossible given that “he can’t even admit he lost the elections, ”said an industry figure. .

Sources tell CNN that Trump has “always been suspicious of Jared” and is now afraid to take credit for his accomplishments in the book.

“It’s no secret President Trump doesn’t like when he thinks other people are attracting attention for something he thinks he’s facilitated,” a former Trump official said in the White House . “There’s a middle ground between saying nothing about the work you’ve done and saying too much that everyone has to find or it kicks in.”

When asked for comment, Ivanka’s former chief of staff Julie Radford tried to play down the situation by saying she was “focused on her children”.

“After spending four years serving and traveling the country intensively, Ivanka is spending time with family and friends,” Radford said.

Family and friends who do not include his father, it seems.

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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