Ivanka Trump just got a double dose of very, very, very bad news

The hits keep coming for Ivanka Trump.

First, she lost her secret service details yesterday.

After the end of a typical administration, the family members of the outgoing president lose their security information as the power shift occurs. But because the Trumps are special, they got an extra six months of protection, paid for by hard-working U.S. taxpayers.

At 12:01 a.m. EST yesterday, however, all of Donald’s grown children and their spouses lost their Secret Service protection. This means Ivanka will now have to foot the bill if she wants private security to follow her wherever she goes, and it won’t be cheap, either.

In January, she and her family took a trip to Salt Lake City that cost $ 63,000 in security expenses. And in May, her husband Jared traveled to Abu Dhabi, which cost $ 13,000. Oh, and let’s not forget about that monthly toilet charge of $ 3,000.

But that’s not even the worst.

Because one of Ivanka’s father’s closest allies, Tom Barrack, has just been indicted on charges related to illegal foreign lobbying on behalf of the UAE, and it could have huge implications if he chooses to cooperate with prosecutors.

In addition to allegedly working as a foreign agent, Barrack was also chairman of Trump’s nomination committee in 2017, which is under investigation for potential illegal spending. Ivanka was also heavily involved in the inaugural committee, which means Barrack probably has a lot of dirt on her.

While the charges against him are unrelated to his work on the nomination committee, prosecutors could easily use it to push him to turn against the Trumps in their many other investigations.

Speaking to CNN’s Erin Burnett yesterday, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe explained: Provide information or evidence to the government on any further investigation.

“It could include the inaugural committee’s ongoing investigation or really anything else. So it could really open up a Pandora’s Box for other people in the administration.

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