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Now You See Me 2: Crime Wizards

Jesse Eisenberg
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Age: 37 years old

Born in: New York, USA
Born on: 05/10/1983


Born on October 5, 1983 in Queens, and then raised in New Jersey, Jesse Eisenberg he showed a penchant for artistic expression and acting from a very young age. In fact, he begins to act in school productions at just 7 years old (while at 8 he meets the instrument drum from which he will no longer separate): prone to anxiety and hypersensitivity, the young Jesse says he feels more confident and at ease playing roles that they already tell him on paper how to behave.

In 1996, at the age of 13 he obtained his first professional role in Broadway, in a staging of “Summer and Smoke “by Tennesse Williams, and three years later he made his TV debut in the television series Get Real, in which he interprets Kenny Greene.

In 2002, playing the young and inexperienced Nick in the play Roger Dodger of Dylan Kidd (also presented at Venice Festival in the independent section of the Critics’ Week), Jesse Eisenberg makes his debut in the world of cinema, abandoning that New York University to which he had just signed up. Even on TV he will appear very little from that moment on, while the theater will remain a great passion of his, so much so that since 2011 he has also written and performed three highly successful comedies: “Asuncion”, “The Revisionist” and “The Spoils”.

For his performance in the film by Kidd praise and recognition arrive immediately, and the same happens with the immediately following one The club of the emperors. After a small part in The Village of Shyamalan and yet The squid and the whale of Noah Baumbach, in which he plays one of the two sons of Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney, fresh from separation, the film that affirms him as one of the most interesting young promises around.

He then works with Wes Craven in Cursed and is the protagonist of Fred Durst gods Limp Bizkit, The Education of Charlie Banks.

In 2009 is the protagonist of the independent comedy Adventureland alongside Kristen Stewart, with whom he will share the set again in 2015 in the action stoner comedy American Ultra, and in the same year he drives with Emma Stone the cast of horror comedy Welcome to Zombieland.

In 2010 comes the role of consecration: David Fincher he chooses him to play the gloomy and neurotic Mark Zuckerberg of The Social Network. The film scripted by Sorkin does it get a Eisenberg an avalanche of awards and nominations (including the Oscar), but above all it opens the doors of the maistream cinema: even if ours will never leave the indie scene.

After giving the voice (unmistakable, but we lose it with the dubbing) to the parrot Blue in the cartoon Rio, Jesse Eisenberg meets for the first time another New York Jew like himself: one he had touched upon as a little boy, when he wrote a comedy about how and why a certain Allan Stewart Konigsberg he decided to change his name, receiving in response a legal warning in spreading the text: in 2012 is in fact one of the protagonists of To Rome with Love of Woody Allen, who also wanted him again in his next film still without a title and scheduled for release in the course of 2016.

In 2013 then it is the turn of the “magical” thriller Now You See Me, of which a sequel is coming out in which Eisenberg he plays the magician again Danny Atlas, of the thriller by Kelly Reinhardt Night Moves (in competition with Venice) and the black comedy by Richard Aoyade The Double, unpublished in Italy, on which set Jesse knows his current girlfriend, the Australian colleague Mia Wasikowska.

In 2015 it was a Cannes with the film by Joachim Trier Louder Than Bombs, and then he played the reporter David Lipsky in the movie on David Foster Wallace The End of the Tour. We will soon see him in the role of Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice of Zack Snyder, the first performer of Lex younger than the actor who plays Superman, Henry Cavill.

Practicing Jew, animal rights activist, vegetarian, active on the front of LGBT and civil rights in general, Jesse Eisenberg he suffers from a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder and is a very prolific writer. In addition to the pieces mentioned, he has written numerous humorous and satirical pieces for the New Yorker and for the site McSweeney’s, is in the September 2015 has published his first book, a collection of short stories entitled “Bream Gives Me Hiccups”. With his cousin he also launched a social word game site,

Now You See Me 2: Crime Wizards

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