Jewish Republican who hates gays and takes money from Nazis “escorted” from GOP office

Former Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel announced in February that he would seek the Republican nomination to replace incumbent Senator Rob Portman next year. Unfortunately for him, no one in the Republican Party wants anything to do with him.

The 43-year-old was recently “escorted” from a Republican rally at a Florida hotel, Axios reports.

The embarrassing incident occurred during a fundraising retreat hosted by the Republican National Committee at the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach. One of Mandel’s main GOP opponents, Jane Timken, was in attendance.

Mandel showed up at the hotel without reservations or invitations in an apparent attempt to distract Mandel’s attention and rub shoulders with high-profile donors. He managed to draw attention to himself, but we’re guessing it wasn’t as he expected.

According to Axios:

The invitation-only event is taking place at the Four Seasons Resort and the RNC has reserved the entire hotel. While Timken, former president of the Ohio GOP, was invited to the event “because she is a major donor” – Mandel was not, so he was asked to leave, according to one. sources.

Despite not having his name on the list, Mandel took the opportunity to spend time with major Republican donors while they were all in one place, a source close to his plans told Axios.

But when the first event officially kicked off at the hotel on Friday evening, Mandel and others who did not have IDs were told to leave.

Mandel never showed the best judgment in anything.

He has a long history of dealing with fanatics, especially suspected white nationalists and Nazi aficionados.

In 2017, he attacked the Anti-Defamation League for listing alternative right-wing activists Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich in a report on hate extremists. And in 2011, he refused to return a $ 1,000 campaign donation from a longtime Nazi reenactor, calling it a “fabricated non-problem.”

The fact that Mandel himself is Jewish adds a layer of strangeness to the question.

Then there was the moment in 2012 when nine of his family ran an ad in their local newspaper criticizing him for his anti-gay views, which included opposing same-sex marriage, voting against extending protections against discrimination. in employment for LGBTQ people and support. the reinstatement of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

The fact that Mandel himself has two gay cousins, one of whom served in the military, adds yet another layer of quirk to the question.

An RNC spokesperson declined to comment on the Axois report and Mandel’s team never responded to requests for comment on his expulsion from the event, but Twitter certainly has a lot to say about it …

Obviously not elitist enough for the distraught cult.

– Bob Loblaw (@ BobLobl38583750) April 11, 2021

So this Republican was canceled by other Republicans?

– Ewing619 (@ Ewing619) April 11, 2021

Josh Mandel is a danger to everyone’s health and should be isolated. Even the RNC gala escorted him.

– Dena Suz (@holdensmama) April 13, 2021

He tried to gatecrash an event and was kicked out. The problem is his behavior here, it’s not a great way to attract donors

– Fiona Shoop (@FiShoop) April 10, 2021

This is the same Josh Mandel who was escorted out of the RNC retreat … last night?


– For the people (@FTPeopleUSA) April 12, 2021

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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