Jinkx Monsoon now has a brand new podcast – here’s how to listen to it

Jinkx Monsoon is set to become the “Marc Maron of Drag” in Hi Jinkx !, his brand new podcast business.

As a “Thoughtful and Introspective Virgo,” Jinkx plans to dive deep with creative celebrities to see what makes them tick. Are you ready to go with you?

The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 and the lovely queen across the board is no stranger to the creation process. An accomplished entertainer, writer and performer of cabaret and comedy, Jinkx is a drag writer with over a decade in the industry. She has been featured on numerous TV shows including Hulu’s Happiest Season and The Jinkx and Dela Holiday Special.

We can’t wait to find out what kind of hijinks, uh, Hi Jinkx !, she’s getting into.

The show is produced by LGBTQ podcasting leaders, Moguls of Media (Willam & Alaska’s MOM) and Forever Dog.

“I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to share a locker room with Ms. Monsoon over the years,” said Willam, MOM co-founder and fellow podcaster. “And I can tell you from experience that she is never without a host of humorous anecdotes and witty observations on a number of subjects. Jinkx is such a brilliant artist, unique spirit and someone I have the honor to call my sister, and I am delighted to have the privilege of welcoming her to the MOM family.

Scroll down for a Q&A with Jinkx on the project and find the first episode featuring comedian Joel Kim Booster on Stitcher or Spotify or one of those other podcasting options.

Why did you want to start a podcast?

I have a strong voice and a lot of opinions, and a podcast seemed like the perfect environment for it – now I can stop lecturing my roommates about the evils of the world, and instead lecture the celebrities about it.

What has been the highlight so far in the registration process?

Every guest I have had has been a sheer delight. They are hardworking, talented and thoughtful artists who open up to me about their process, their pet peeves… everything! Talking to amazing people, in such a candid and intimate setting, is truly a dream come true.

What made you want to partner with Willam and Alaska to be part of the MOM network?

I firmly believe that the best work comes when it’s created for us, by us. Our experiences as LGBTQAI + (and adjacent queer) people are best shared when we control the creative process; from production to performance, you get the most authentic and authentic creations when you keep them in the family.

What are you passionate about podcasting? Do you think the audio format of the interview makes it more intimate?

I guess what turns me on about podcasting is bringing back the art of conversation. As someone who communicates almost exclusively through text messaging, I really enjoyed having real conversations once again, and with everything we’ve been through over the past year, human connection has become extremely important.

I think there is a level of candor that you get when you communicate with your voice, without costume, without stage, without lights and without audience. I LOVE drag, but there’s something liberating about being able to express myself without the added pressure of a visual element… but maybe it’s just because I’m lazy.

What can people expect from the show?

What you can expect from the show are very direct and honest conversations about the world, the entertainment industry, and the special challenges we face as people from marginalized and / or deprived demographics. rights. We strive to have a diverse roster of guests able to share their personal experiences of their lives, with universal themes that we can all relate to. It was an honor to see such wonderfully bright people opening up to me in such an intimate way.

Find the first episode here.

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