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Joe Wright
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Age: 48 years old

Born in: London, England
Born on: 08/25/1972


Joe Wright was born in London on August 25, 1972 by a pair of puppeteers, his parents were the founders of the Little Angel Theater in Islington. Young Wright is a dyslexic boy with a passion for painting, who spends more time at the school’s acting club with his Super 8 than on the benches. In fact, he soon abandoned his studies, without a secondary school diploma, to help his parents in their theater; it was precisely the direct contact with the theatrical activity that allowed him to follow his path and enroll first at the Anna Scher Theater School, then at Camberwell College of Arts and, finally, graduating in film and fine arts at Central St. Martin, where during the last school year he won a scholarship to collaborate in the making of a short film with the BBC, Crocodile Snap (1997), which was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Short. He began a fruitful partnership with the BBC, for which in addition to producing several TV series, the following year he made his second short film The End (1998) and in 2003 directed the miniseries with Martin Freeman is Rupert Graves Charles II – Power and passion. At the same time, however, he held various roles, he was also a director and casting director for Oil Factory, the music video production company, and occasionally a roadie for Vegetable Vision, where he came into contact with various electronic music artists, a genre much appreciated by Wright for its proximity to English raves, events that the director has always defined as having a great impact on his work. The turning point came in 2005 when he was contacted to shoot his first feature film, Pride and Prejudice, adaptation of the novel of the same name by Jane Austen with Keira Knightley is Tom Hollander. The film, in addition to inaugurating the collaboration with the two English interpreters, who will become some of his fetish actors, also starts the partnership with the composer Dario Marianelli, who will sign the music of all his masterpieces. Pride and Prejudice is a real success, receiving four Oscar, two Golden Globe and six BAFTA nominations, where Wright wins the award with Best Debut English Director. In 2007 his second directorial test arrives and he again directs Knightley together with James McAvoy, Saoirse Ronan is Vanessa Redgrave in Atonement, again a literary adaptation, based on Ian McEwan’s best-seller, and nominated for various awards, winner of an Oscar for Best Score by Marianelli and of the BAFTAs for Best Film and Best Production Design. His third film, The soloist (2009), is a bio-pic (based on the eponymous literary work by Steve Lopez) about the African-American musical prodigy and multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Ayers, interpreted by Jamie Foxx who shared the set with Robert Downey Jr. He returns to direct Saoirse Ronan in the thriller Hanna (2011), where the young Irish actress stars opposite Eric Bana is Cate Blanchett. Ronan was also supposed to participate in the next job, but was replaced at the last by Alicia Vikander for the role of Princess Kitty in Tolstoynian Anna Karenina (2012), whose star-studded cast once again includes Keira Knightley, joined by Jude Law is Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The adaptation of the Russian novel was conceived by the director as a ballet with words, in fact the film is shot almost entirely inside a theater, a director’s choice that Wright justified with the desire to make his characters live as su a stage. The success of Anna Karenina, also nominated for the Oscars and numerous BAFTA categories, does not fall, however, on Wright’s subsequent work, Pan – Journey to Neverland (2015), a reinterpretation of the classic tale with protagonists Levi Miller, Hugh Jackman is Rooney Mara. The flop does not give up the director who in 2016 is hired to direct The darkest hour (2017), historical bio-pic focusing on Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) in the years of the Second World War.
Joe Wright’s directing technique is characterized by solid collaborations with established teams and cast, by long and complex tracking shots that show many events, by shots focused on the characters’ hands to show emotions, as well as by a pictorialness of the frames linked to his passion for the art.


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Pan - Journey to Neverland

Pan – Journey to Neverland (Pan)

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Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina

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Black Mirror

Black Mirror

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Golden Globe

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  • 2008 – Nomination for Best Director for Atonement


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