John Barrowman Takes Head On His Flashing Scandal On Set

“When I was doing a nude scene or a love scene, it was clear in the script that I would be naked and everyone would have known at least 48 hours in advance.

So I would wait in my trailer wearing just a dress with a sock on my “parties”. Then if I was waiting to shoot a scene where I needed to be naked and someone appeared, I would make a joke to make them and myself comfortable.

My actions were simply designed to defuse any potential awkwardness among the cast and crew.

I’ve never been someone who is embarrassed about their body, so I didn’t mind if someone saw me naked.

The motivation for what I would call my “bullshit” was to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. There was absolutely nothing sexual in my actions and I was never accused of it.

In the theater, quick costume changes happen backstage all the time, with everyone stripping down to put on their new outfits in time for the next scene. Girls can be without a bra, boys only in jockstrap. It’s like that and nobody thinks about it. But I accept that my behavior at the time may have offended.

[In the future] I would still be full of jokes and fun, but no more naked pranks. I can see now that my actions were pretty juvenile, but that was another time and that’s something I wouldn’t do today. – Former Doctor Who star John Barrowman speaking to the Daily Mail about his flashing scandal on set. Barrowman has been accused of regularly exposing himself to cast and crew members on the set of the popular show. His career took a hit.

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