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John Cena
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Age: 43 years old
Height: 184 cm
Born in: West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States
Born on: 23/04/1977


John Felix Anthony Cena, known simply as John Cena, is born the April 23, 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. After graduation, he enrolled at Springfield College, where he alternated training with the football team to his physiology course. He graduated in 1998 and turned to bodybuilding while working as a driver for a limousine company. The following year begins a hard training to pursue a career as a wrestler, that’s how he enters the Ultimate Pro Wrestling, a California federation affiliated with WWE. In this period he invents the character of “The Prototype”, a heel convinced to embody the right human prototype. The debut in the ring dates back to 2000 and immediately wins the UPW Heavyweight Championship, which he holds for less than a month. In the following years it passed through other federations – the WWF or the OVW – until 2002, when it made its debut in WWE SmackDown!, challenging Kurt Angle, and, despite the defeat, manages to stand out in the eyes of the public, passing from heel to face. From this moment on John Cena becomes one of the spearheads of the program, fueled by the continuous clashes of the Canadian wrestler with his major opponents: Kurt Angle, Big Show, Carlito, Randy Orton, Triple H. Also in these years his character he is definitively shaped as the wrestler rapper who alternates FU and “You can’t see me” with theatrical pantomime.

Thanks to a staging (kayfabe) in which Cena would have been stabbed in the kidney by Carlito’s bodyguard, Jesús, and therefore unable to compete in the ring, he can leave the matches for a few months and be able to shoot his first film in complete tranquility. , Deadly Grasp (2006). The film debut is in the role of the protagonist: the marine John Triton, discharged for insubordination during the war in Iraq, whose wife is kidnapped by a criminal gang. The film, in addition to inaugurating a saga without a plot continuum, was one of the biggest hits produced by WWE Films. Back in the ring, Cena wins his third United States Championship, but the following period sees the admiration of the public for him diminish, due to some of his attitudes too good-natured and servile. The hatred towards Cena increased in 2006, until the public finally took sides against him on June 11 in a confrontation with Rob Van Dam and Edge. Spectators begin to humor him again only after winning a Steel Cage match on Raw, reforming the support group.

In 2007, following an injury, he was forced to leave the ring again, losing the kingdom held until then with the victory of the WWE Championship, one of the longest-lived in recent years. He will return in 2008, the year in which he won the World Heavyweight Championship. The following year he starred in a new action movie, 12 Round (2009) of Renny Harlin, where he plays Detective Danny Fisher. Here, too, his beloved is kidnapped, this time by an arms dealer who will subject Danny to twelve tests to find her. The film will have a sequel in 2013, 12 more rounds, unrelated to the first plot, played by his friend (off the pitch), Randy Orton. Meanwhile, Cena again wins the world heavyweight belt in a “Triple Threat match” and the WWE Championship in an “I Quit” match and, although he was occasionally blown by Orton, Sheamus and Batista, he will hold the latter title until to 2010. Alongside a nascent acting career, which also sees him engaged on the small screen with cameos in various TV series, John Cena also cultivates a passion for rap music with two recorded albums, WWE Originals (2004) – in collaboration with other wrestlers – e You Can’t See Me (2005).

In 2010 comes the first film about wrestling, Legendary (2010), where the wrestler plays the protagonist’s rebellious brother. From 2011 to 2013 he must constantly defend the WWE Championship title from the constant attacks, sometimes successful, of his opponents; while that of World Heavyweight Championship Cena will win him back only in 2013. His victories will be less and less as well as his extras, although he is the champion with the most reigns, as many as sixteen, in the WWE Championship, marking a record that is still arduous to date. beat. A valid alternative to the ring is always the set, especially in 2015, the year in which it appears in comedies The perfect sisters, A girl disaster is Daddy’s Home. The only exception to this moment of comic films is the war thriller The Wall (2017) of Doug Liman with Aaron Taylor-Johnson. However, Cena seems to prefer comedies to action man roles and, although his statuesque physique is more suited to action films, his comedy and good-natured face make him a perfect laugh character; so the character of Roger, who had played a more marginal role in Daddy’s Home, in the sequel Daddy’s Home 2 (2017) receives more prominence, often clashing with one of the protagonists, Dusty, played by Mark Wahlberg. The following year the wrestler is, together with Leslie Mann is Ike Barinholtz, one of the apprehensive parents of Hands off our daughters (2018), a comedy in which the three try to prevent their “girls” from losing their virginity during the school prom.

In addition to acting in flesh and blood, Cena also dedicated himself to dubbing, lending his voice to himself in an animated version in Scooby-Doo! and the Mystery of Wrestling (2014) and his ancestor John Cenastone The Flintstones and WWE – Botte da orbi! (2015). He later voiced the mammoth bull star of Ferdinand (2017) in the animated film directed by Carlos Saldanha.


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