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John Turturro
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Age: 64 years old
Height: 184 cm
Born in: New York, United States
Born on: 02/28/1957


John Turturro, known in the registry office with the middle name of Michael, was born on February 28, 1957 in Boston, New York, both of Italian parents. At the age of six, he moved to Queens with his family and later graduated with a degree in Theater Arts from the State University of New York in New Paltz, later earning his master’s degree from the Yale School of Drama. Turturro’s first role is that of an extra in a film of the caliber of wild bull of Martin Scorsese, although his debut as an actor is to be attributed to comedy Desperately looking for Susan (1985). The most important support role in recent years is that in Live and die from Los Angeles (1985), in which the actor supports William Petersen is Willem Dafoe. The following year he is directed by Ron Howard in Gung Ho (1986) and back in front of Scorsese’s camera for The color of money (1986) with Paul Newman. The important names continue by which Turturro is directed with Hannah and her sisters of Woody Allen in 1986 and Inside the big apple of Tony Bill in 1987, for which he was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor. Just Bill’s film marks his fortune, because from this moment on his career begins to take off and the engagements as extra are replaced by roles of a certain level.

In 1987 Turturro plays Aspanu, Salvatore Giuliano’s right arm, in the film dedicated to him, The Sicilian of Michael Cimino starring Christopher Lambert. His performance in Inside the Big Apple is so striking Spike Lee that the director offers him the role of Pino in Do the right thing (1989). It is 1988 when he is offered to act in the miniseries Mom Lucia, side by side with Sophia Loren. In 1990 he was on the big screen with Crossroads of death of Joel ed Ethan Coen is Mo ‘Better Blues, the latter again directed by Lee. On the verge of success, which has just begun, Turturro continues to build in these years what will be a fruitful career, in which two collaborations in particular will stand out: Spike Lee and the Cohen brothers. In 1991 the actor starred in two films by these directors, respectively Jungle Fever is Barton Fink – It happened in Hollywood, with which he won the David di Donatello and the Prix d’interprétation masculine at the Cannes Film Festival. The following year the actor measured himself with his first directing, shooting Mac (1992), adaptation of Macbeth in which he also appears as an interpreter.

In 1994 he starred in Quiz Show, drama film directed by Robert Redford which earned him Golden Globe, Chicago Film Critics Association Award and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations. The following year is in Clockers by Lee, who directed it in 1996 also in Girl 6 – Sex online. In the same year he acted in Box of Moon Light, for which he was nominated for Best Male Lead at the Independent Spirit Awards. It is directed by Francesco Rosi in The truce, where he plays the role of Primo Levi to tell his sad story. 1998 is one of the best years in Turturro’s career, the one in which he launches into his second direction with Illuminated, with which he presents himself in Cannes, but it does not end there. In the same year he acted in He Got Games by Lee, ne The Player – Rounders of John Dahl and ne The Big Lebowski by the Cohen brothers. For the two filmmakers he will also play the escaped Hogwallop in the comedy Brother, where are you? (2000). They follow Thirteen variations on the theme (2001), Mr. Deeds (2002) and Fear X (2003), for which he was nominated for the Bodil and Fangoria Chainsaw Awards as Best Actor.

Now a very successful star in the world of Hollywood, Turturro’s commitments continue unabated and this is how he plays next to Johnny Depp in Secret Window (2004), which earned him a Saturn Award nomination, and plays Agent Simmons in Transformers (2007), the role with which he will return in the following three sequels. 2008 is the year of a trio of films, that is Disaster in Hollywwod, Zohan is Miracle in Sant’Anna. In 2010 his third direction arrives, the musical documentary Passion, winner of the Capri Cult Movie Award and the Salerno Film Festival. It will only be three years before Turturro gets back behind the camera and turns Gigolo by chance (2013), a comedy starring one of his early directors, Woody Allen.

It is the pharaoh Seti in Exodus – Gods and kings (2014) of Ridley Scott and a low-memory actor in My mother (2015) of Nanni Moretti. In 2016 he returned to TV with the miniseries The Night Of – What happened that night? in the role of lawyer John Stone, charged with representing the young Naz, accused of murder. Still on the small screen, Turturro plays the Franciscan William of Baskerville in the TV series about de The Name of The rose (2019).

The Jesus Rolls

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