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Juliette Binoche
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Age: 57 years old
Height: 168 cm
Born in: Paris, France
Born on: 09/03/1964

Sons: Raphaël Hallé, Hannah Magimel


Juliette Binoche, born the March 9, 1964 in Paris, she is the daughter of art, the father Jean-Marie Binoche is a mime, director and sculptor, active mainly in South America, and his mother, Monique Yvette Stalens, is a French-Polish actress and literature teacher. When her parents divorce, little Juliette is not even four years old and is sent to a boarding school. The few holidays he spends with his maternal grandmother and his parents’ visits are sporadic, a situation that will greatly contribute to the formation of his character. During his adolescence he began to act in amateur theatrical productions and attended some district conservatories. Once she graduated, she decided to enroll at the Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique (CNSAD) in Paris, but did not finish her studies, preferring to find an agent and join a theater company under the pseudonym Juliette Adrienne, which toured in France, Belgium and Switzerland. In the meantime, however, he continues to study acting, taking lessons from Vera Gregh and to support himself by working as a saleswoman in a department store.

The first jobs are mostly TV commercials, followed by small roles for the series Dorothée, danseuse de corde (1983) by Jacques Fansten and for the show Fort bloque (1983) by Pierrick Guinnard. Although they are few more than the extras, they ensure her film debut, which takes place in the same year with Liberty Belle (1983) by Pascal Kane in the small part. Binoche does not give up and continues undaunted the climb towards the career she has set out to achieve. He succeeds in his intent, when in 1983 he auditions for the controversial Je vous salue, Marie (1985) by Jean-Luc Godard, who decided to meet her after seeing a picture of her and will cast her for the supporting role of Juliette. With the work of Godard she gets a certain visibility and increases her commitments to the cinema, which see her on the set of the comedy Les Nanas (1985), the dramatic Family life (1985) and the thriller Adieu Blaireau (1985), which if they do not yet give her fame, allow her to collaborate with established stars. Yet in the same year, Binoche is in the cinema in a starring role with Rendez Vous (1985) by André Téchiné, which finally puts it in the spotlight. This drama film with Lambert Wilson is Jean-Louis Trintignant, allows her to win a nomination for the César Awards and to win the Romy Schneider Award, awarded annually to a young emerging actress of French cinema. Binoche subsequently accepts a role in Mon beau-frère a tué ma sœur (1986) by Jacques Rouffio with Michel Serrault is Michel Piccoli, but it turns out to be a flop, teaching the young actress that the parts must be accepted not only paying attention to the presence of important interpreters in the cast.

In 1986 Binoche returns to share the set with Piccoli in Blood red, film of Léos Carax in which the director’s fetish actor also takes part, Denis Levant. The film is a hugely successful sci-fi thriller that allows the actress a second César nomination. In a short time he established himself strongly in French cinema and it is not surprising his participation in his early twenties in an American production of great breath, such as The unbearable lightness of being (1988) by Philip Kaufman. Binoche is Tereza, a young and innocent waitress whom the character of falls in love with Daniel Day-Lewis. Still not fully ready to launch itself on the international film scene, also due to its lack of English, Binoche returns home and returns to collaborate with Carax in the Pont-Neuf lovers (1991), where he finds Levant again. A colossal work with a long gestation and an assiduous search for funds, which led to the construction of a dramatic film in which wild sentimentalism and Parisian visual paintings have delivered a small masterpiece to the history of cinema. Lovers of Pont-Neuf assure Binoche a third nomination for the César Awards and a win for Best Actress at the European Film Award. Filming with Carax is so busy that she is forced to turn down several significant roles in other international film productions in the meantime, but during a short break she manages to shoot with Mike Figgis in five days Mara (1991), short television episode Women & Men 2.

In the decade of the nineties, having gained a certain artistic popularity in France, the actress sees herself ready for the big leap: groped for an international career. It begins with the dual role of Catherine Earnshaw / Linton in Wuthering Heights (1992) alongside Heathcliff’s Ralph Fiennes and continue with The damage (1992) by Louis Malle, where it reads next to Jeremy Irons. The biggest hits of this period for Binoche, however, are basically two: Three colors – Blue film (1993) of the Polish Krzysztof Kieślowski, which finally earned her the César Award, followed by the award for Best Female Interpretation in Venice and a Golden Globe nomination; The English patient (1996) of Anthony Minghella, which definitively consecrates her with the victory of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. It is a period in which she often finds herself playing melancholy characters and the critics are not slow to notice that it is precisely this type of figures that she does best, thanks to the intense and passionate desperation with which Binoche invests them. In the years to come he divides himself between Europe and the USA, working on The love that does not die (2000) and starting a collaboration with Michael Haneke which will lead to the realization of Stories – Incomplete account of several journeys (2000) and Nothing to hide (2005). 2000 is also the year of one of the most iconic roles in Binoche’s career, that of Vianne Rochet in Chocolat of Lasse Hallström with Johnny Depp, a worldwide success with which the actress also won an Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA Award and Screen Actor Award nomination for Best Actress.

She has now fully entered the Olympus of international stars and in a patriotic interlude decides to return momentarily to French cinema, which she had never completely abandoned, with Jet Lag (2002) of Danièle Thompson with Jean Reno is Paris (2008) of Cédric Klapisch. In the meantime, he does not forget what his stepping stone to global fame (the international career) was and flies to South Africa for In My Country (2004) of John Boorman and, as at the dawn of his career, he returns to take part in a controversial religious film with Mary (2005) of Abel Ferrara, where is Mary Magdalene. In 2006 he is in the cast of the collective film Paris, je t’aime together with a totally international cast and with Jude Law in Complicity and suspicion by Minghella. Usually associated with drama, his intense face also lends itself well to comedy, alongside Steve Carell in Love according to Dan (2007). Some support roles abroad follow with The Son of No One (2011) of Montiel finger, Cosmopolis (2012) of David Cronenberg is Godzilla (2014) of Gareth Edwards and you play a leading role in more niche films, such as A thousand times Good night (2013) of Erik Poppe is Sils Maria (2014) of Olivier Assayas. He also acts as the main character in Italian The wait (2015) of Piero Messina, winning a David di Donatello nomination; while two years later he is in the blockbuster Ghost in the Shell (2017) as Dr. Ouelet, responsible for the transformation of Scarlett Johansson in an android. Cast aside the gray tints of melancholy films for a while, Binoche is a 50-year-old in search of great love in comedy Love according to Isabelle (2017) – Italian title that seems to follow one of his not too previous works – by Claire Denis.

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