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The holidays of little Nicolas

Kad Merad
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Age: 57 years old

Born in: Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria
Born on: 03/27/1964


Kad Merad, born Kaddour Merad, was born on March 27, 1964 in Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria, but spends his childhood in the French municipality of Balbigny and then moves to Ris-Orangis for ten years. His adolescence is made up of rock bands with which he performed as a drummer and sells encyclopedias leads door, after high school. Later he works as an animator with i Gigolo Borthers, often performing on the Club Med stage, an experience that convinces him to walk the theatrical path, attending acting courses and performing in classic plays, directed by Jacqueline Duc. In the meantime he works on Ouï FM, Parisian rock radio station, where he meets his colleague Olivier Baroux, with which he forms the humorous duo Kad and Olivier. First they make themselves known on the radio with the show The Rock’n’Roll Circus, then hit TV presenting La Grosse Emission on the Comédie! channel.

It is precisely the beginning of the 2000s when Kad makes his debut in the cinema with The Grand Vie! (2001) of Philippe Dajoux, followed by other minor films, until he and his partner in crime, Olivier, are offered to shoot a detective comedy based on one of their best-known sketches. This is how in 2003 it came out on the big screen Naked guns of Eric Lartigau, a kind of parody homage to Twin Peaks, in which Merad is, along with Baroux, an FBI agent tasked with solving the murder of Pamela Rose (crippling the lynchana Laura Palmer). Undoubtedly, the couple’s comedy serves as a springboard for both of them, in particular for Kad, who was already hired in 2004 for Les choristes – The boys of the choir of Christophe Barratier, a hit comedy nominated for an Academy Award 2005 for Best Foreign Language Film. This first phase of his career is totally focused on popular comedy, often mixed with other genres, such as science fiction in A ticket pour d’espace (2006). Soon, however, the time comes for the French-born Algerian actor to measure himself with drama and he does it with Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas (2006) of Philippe Lioret, for which Merad wins the César Award for Best Supporting Actor.

The victory of such an important recognition allows his fame to take off and he becomes a real media personality, often invited to television programs as a commentator, conducted concerts and as a sponsor of various commercial initiatives. In 2008 he is for the first time the only protagonist in Down to the North of Dany Boon, an internationally successful comedy from which the Italian remake will be based welcome to the South (2010). Later he is the father of the protagonist ne Little Nicolas and his parents (2009) of Laurent Tirard, which will be followed up in 2014, The holidays of little Nicolas. In the meantime, his friend and colleague Baroux has launched himself into directing and Merad can only accompany his first works on stage, from Ce soir je dors chez toi (2007) a Safari (2009), up to L’Italien (2010). They are all comedies, just as they are RTT (2009) of Frédéric Berthe is Protéger er serve (2010) by Éric Lavaine and perhaps because of this excess of laughter, the actor falls for a very short period in other genres. Return to the dramatic register with The immortal (2010) by Richard Berry, in which he is the antagonist of Jean Reno, and is one of the few adults in the remake cast The war of the buttons (2011). In 2011 his first low budget directorial film was released, Monsieur Papa, a choral comedy of which he is also one of the interpreters, although the return to laughter had already been anticipated by Les Tuche (2011) by Baroux.

Merad directs his second job and together with Baroux they attempt a Naked Guns sequel with FBI-Two impossible agents (2012), but the film turns out to be a flop, convincing the two actors not to risk further reunions. In the same year he is the protagonist of the comic film directed by Xavier Giovannoli, Superstar (2012), in which an ordinary man awakens celebrity without knowing the real reason for his fame. In 2013 he shares the set with Monica Bellucci in Welcome to Saint-Tropez to then return to team up with Dany Boon in Supercondriac – Laughing is good for your health (2014), a smash hit at the box office. Unfortunately for Merad the following works do not have the same success, On a marché sur Bangkok (2014) turns out to be a flop, On voulait tout casser (2015) and Bis – Back to the past (2015) receive mixed opinions. Not even his third direction, Marseille (2016) raises the odds, which TV will think about with the series Baron noir (2016), of which he is one of the protagonists. Cinematic expectations seem to rise with a minor role in the comedy (2017), which gets mixed opinion from critics, but good public reception, followed by dramatic The mèlodie (2017) of Rachid Hami, presented out of competition at the Venice Film Festival.

The holidays of little Nicolas

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