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Woman in Gold

Katie Holmes
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Age: 42 years old
Height: 175 cm
Born in: Toledo, Ohio, United States
Born on: 18/12/1978


Born in Toledo on December 18, 1978, Katie Holmes, born Katherine Noelle Holmes, graduated from Notre Dame Academy, an all-girls school, and was accepted into Columbia University courses, but only attended one academic session. Although her father wanted him to become a doctor, Katie has developed a passion for acting since she was a teenager, participating in some school musicals, such as Hello, Dolly! is Damn Yankees. At the age of fourteen she enrolled in a fashion school, managing in 1996 to take part in the International Modeling and Talent Association competition in New York. Becoming a model, however, was not her dream and some time later she began hanging out in Los Angeles in search of auditions. Luck didn’t take long to turn to his part and in 1997 he made his big screen debut with Ice storm of Ang Lee, a dramatic film in which he plays the love interest of a very young man Tobey Maguire. The following year she was hired for the role of Joey Potter in the teen drama Dawson’s Creek (1998) and reaches international fame. The series, which ended in 2003, marks an entire generation Holmes becomes a teenage idol and Joey’s shy and slightly masculine character becomes a true teenage idol.

It is in this very successful period that Holmes, in addition to appearing on many magazine covers, is hired for her first leading role alongside James Marsden in the thriller Perfect generation (1998); performance that earned her an MTV Movie Award and a Saturn Award nomination. Other commitments in the cinema follow, in 2000 he is in comedy Go – A night to forget (1999) of Doug Liman, where it was highly praised by critics, and in noir Killing Mrs. Tingle (1999) with Helen Mirren. Back to work with Maguire in Wonder Boys (2000) by Curtis Hanson, film starring Michael Douglas, where the actress appears briefly. He later breaks Joey Potter’s tombody stereotype with the character of a promiscuous rich girl in the thriller The Gift (2000) with Cate Blanchett is Keanu Reeves. Appears in In line with the killer (2002) as the woman he contacts daily Colin Farrell, before receiving the call from his hitman. In these first years of the 2000s, however, it is Shards of April (2003) Holmes’ greatest film, which here is the absolute protagonist in an interpretation defined by critics as the best of her career and which earned her a Satellite Award nomination. Subsequently it is A teenager in the White House (2004) as the President’s daughter Michael Keaton, while the following year Christopher Nolan chooses her for the role of Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins (2005), a character also present in The dark Knight (2008), but which Holmes declined to play to finish filming 3 broke women (2008). After the birth of her daughter Suri, had by her partner Tom Cruise, the actress took a sabbatical until 2008.

The latest interpretations of Holmes do not seem to meet the favor of critics and to the negative judgments on his acting are added some cinematic flops, such as A perfect gentleman (2010) and The Son of No One (2011). The fortunes seem to rise a bit with the remake of the 1973 horror of the same name, Do not be afraid of the Dark (2011), in which the actress stars alongside Guy Pearce. Meanwhile, he returns to TV for a regular role, that of Jackie Kennedy in the series The Kennedys (2011), and as a secondary character of the third season of Ray Donovan (2013). At the cinema she is the wife of Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill (2011), a comedy largely crushed by critics, and the star of Miss Meadows (2014), a primary school teacher by day and a ruthless vigilante by night. Holmes recaptures criticism with the interpretation of a young poet with bipolar disorder in Touched with Fire (2015). In 2017 alongside Channing Tatum is Adam Driver in comedy The Logan scam of Steven Soderbergh as the ex-wife of the character of Tatum.

Woman in Gold

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